Recently Tesco and Sainsbury’s have confirmed that they will both be building a new superstore in Wolverhampton, meaning that Wolverhampton will have a Tesco superstore, a Sainsbury’s , a ASDA (Walmart), two Tesco Express’s all in the city center not to mention loads of other superstores scattered all around the outskirts and surrounding towns. Many people claim that this means that we have more choice, I do not agree I believe that these corporate superstores do not equal more choice in fact they have they exact opposite effect they equal NO CHOICE!
They all sell the same mass produced corporate brands and even worse is the fact that every city high street in Britain contains the same shops. Tesco, CO-OP, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Lidl show up in nearly every town and city.

High Streets in city centers all over Britain have the same shops selling the same mass produced, cheaply made shit at the same prices and the same restaurants serving the same shit food, the same pubs and hotels, Many people blamed the greedy parasitic corporations for this. Their greed is disgusting and their willingness to enslave and exploit people in the third world should be a good enough reason to avoid some of these huge multinational corporations but the masses still shop there that’s why you also have to blame the customer’s in Britain. When we look around the same shops selling the same mass produced, cheaply made shit at the same prices and the same restaurants serving the same shit food, we discover that people are all wearing the same clothes, shoes and reading the same newspapers. They go home and have the same furniture, the same curtains and listen to the same music, how does that equal more choice? To me that equals no choice, no individuality and they wonder why the high street is dying.

It is up to the customer to stop buying these products, Nike have child slaves in the world as do Tesco, Walmart, Arcadia Group, Apple and many others and it is up to YOU the customer to stop it. The problem is so massive that it is actually impossible not to fund child labour in some way. According to Unicef there are an estimated 246 million children are engaged in child labour. Nearly 70 per cent (171 million) of these children work in hazardous conditions – including working in mines, working with chemicals and pesticides in agriculture or with dangerous machinery.

Their is no easy answer on how to fight child labour but to boycott some of the worst offenders would be a good start, shop at local markets and buy local products, stop obsessing with the ridiculous fashion industry and remember those £120 Nike air’s were actually made by some poor exploited, financially enslaved child while Nike makes billions and you think Nike is cool? We may not be able to boycott child labour but we can boycott those that profit the most from it boycott the largest first.



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