Recently Tesco and Sainsbury’s have confirmed that they will both be building a new superstore in Wolverhampton, meaning that Wolverhampton will have a Tesco superstore, a Sainsbury’s , a ASDA (Walmart), two Tesco Express’s all in the city center not to mention loads of other superstores scattered all around the outskirts and surrounding towns. Many people claim that this means that we have more choice, I do not agree I believe that these corporate superstores do not equal more choice in fact they have they exact opposite effect they equal NO CHOICE!
They all sell the same mass produced corporate brands and even worse is the fact that every city high street in Britain contains the same shops. Tesco, CO-OP, Morrison’s, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Lidl show up in nearly every town and city.

High Streets in city centers all over Britain have the same shops selling the same mass produced, cheaply made shit at the same prices and the same restaurants serving the same shit food, the same pubs and hotels, Many people blamed the greedy parasitic corporations for this. Their greed is disgusting and their willingness to enslave and exploit people in the third world should be a good enough reason to avoid some of these huge multinational corporations but the masses still shop there that’s why you also have to blame the customer’s in Britain. When we look around the same shops selling the same mass produced, cheaply made shit at the same prices and the same restaurants serving the same shit food, we discover that people are all wearing the same clothes, shoes and reading the same newspapers. They go home and have the same furniture, the same curtains and listen to the same music, how does that equal more choice? To me that equals no choice, no individuality and they wonder why the high street is dying.

It is up to the customer to stop buying these products, Nike have child slaves in the world as do Tesco, Walmart, Arcadia Group, Apple and many others and it is up to YOU the customer to stop it. The problem is so massive that it is actually impossible not to fund child labour in some way. According to Unicef there are an estimated 246 million children are engaged in child labour. Nearly 70 per cent (171 million) of these children work in hazardous conditions – including working in mines, working with chemicals and pesticides in agriculture or with dangerous machinery.

Their is no easy answer on how to fight child labour but to boycott some of the worst offenders would be a good start, shop at local markets and buy local products, stop obsessing with the ridiculous fashion industry and remember those £120 Nike air’s were actually made by some poor exploited, financially enslaved child while Nike makes billions and you think Nike is cool? We may not be able to boycott child labour but we can boycott those that profit the most from it boycott the largest first.



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  13. Fracking Meeting postponed

    RALEIGH The vermont Mining and Energy Commission’s meeting sscheduled for Thursday and Friday have been postponed to allow hearing officers more time to develop a report on oil and natural gas exploration, shanghai women commonly known as fracking.

    The full commission will meet to the particular natural gas report starting Nov. 6 7, And have also due meetings, if needed, For november. 14 and november. 17. in the earth Floor Hearing Room of the Archdale Building, 512 north Salisbury St, Raleigh.

    The November meetings are being used primarily for the full commission to contemplate a report on the draft rules for oil and natural gas exploration. The report is being caused three of the commission’s members who served as hearing officers during four public hearings. The report will include certificate about each public hearing and consider the comments made during the four hearings and a public comment period from July 15 Sept. 30. Division of energy, Mineral and Land cash, Who serve the money. Staff members have not yet tabulated the amount of people who commented, But say that the way the comments were counted a homeowner letter could contain multiple comments. The amount of people commenting is less than the overall number of comments. Comments received supported and criticized the draft rules. Comments were available orally and via email, locations mail and by petition.

    Members of new york state agency, an area of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Have been working since the conclusion of the public comment period to organize the comments together so the hearing officers can more efficiently consider them and respond to comments with similar subject shanghai women matter together. The hearing officers will consider all comments made during the general public comment period. The commission’s decision to postpone the original meeting date was prompted in part by a greater than expected number of comments, specially in the final few days of the comment period, thought Vikram Rao, Chairman of the commission.

    before you take up the hearing officers’ report Nov. 6, The Mining and Energy Commission plans to discuss the Blue Ridge environmental Defense League’s formal petition requesting the commission develop rules to control and monitor air emissions during oil and natural gas operations.

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  20. Wawatay News via the web

    Election Year and Its Thousand PromisesIt appears that citizens from our communities are participating more and more in Canada’s Federal election. Some believe that engaging in the deal will help our communities ensure that we are receiving our fair funding from Canada. Some think that we should not be involved, And should be creating our own self governance models. why is us unique is we usually block vote for one specific political party, Which bodes well for many years but rarely for our communities.

    What really happens during an selection year? We hear the same things repeatedly. All the provides come out such as: “We must engage with our First Nations in a Nation to Nation spouse; We’re going in there and will clean up we’ll ensure that communities include the proper infrastructure to deal with the (Place any major circle epidemic in this space) urgent situation, But absolutely really changes.

    So what will take changes to our communities? it could be that, If we are buying into the Canadian system we need more portrayal in Parliament. There have been 16 First Nation Members of Parliament since 1932 from from coast to coast and from the three parties. In the recent past we recognize names like Tina Keeper and Romeo Saganash. have since retired from politics.

    It is an honour to know our persons have stood strong and proud in Parliament, Although begs the question of if they were token Nish. Imagine fighting in a system built to discard the very people same people Canada didn’t represent. Today we have named brilliant minds in legislature’s and parliament most notably Sol Mamakwa (North eu Ontario) as well Wab Kinew (Manitoba). Each are respectively working diligently as our voices in these introductions. Kudos to you fellows. Excitingly, Former Deputy Grand Chief Anna Betty Achnepineskum will be running in this Federal election in the Thunder Bay premier North riding.

    How can Canada make the participation of First Nation, Inuit and Mtis people in Parliament more enjoyable? may be, If Canada altered their plan for including First People’s into the Canadian political fabric, Space are to be made in Parliament for our Chiefs to represent our communities in Ottawa.

    In this new a handful of basic Parliament, The Chiefs’ presence ensures our voices and our group valued vote is counted. At least in this forum we would are able to create our own destiny and ensure our values and principals are being represented. largely, We would be privy to what Canada wants to do with our land and be within the circles of what looks like it’s manipulated scenarios.

    How would this benefit the Indian Act? People say that the best harm that came from the Indian Act was the political system and the notorious Indian Act Chief. The Act saw us become wards of the state and this imposed system dismantled the innate Chief and clan system. Every clan and each individual had a vote and voice in those old system systems. The Indian Act system removed the grassroots voice from the community and promoted political apathy. This is best power that stands over us: Our ability to voice our concerns through a vote. even as, the second apathetic, the losing of interest in the political system, Causes us to disregard our right to exercise our vote. This lack of engagement in the political system makes sure we have no influence in making decisions.

    This October we will hear a whole new set of promises and we will be left to discover how to to keep the government du jour accountable. How do we ensure that the funds used our communities are obligatory due to the Treaties and not the fictional living off taxpayer money? Where do we fit in a system that’s not natural to our communities? Will we ever have self governance as it relates to the responsibilities of citizenry within our territories where we choose our own course in life?

    as they say, Rome was not constructed in a day, And we cannot sit idly by as the culture of our communities are heavily persuaded by Canada. for the time being, While building our governance set ups, We should get involved in the Canadian Election system. So this year we wants more of our people voting in this election. Vote logically, Do your best to look into all the candidates and their party principals, Vote wisely for the party that will work with our Chiefs and Councils making sure that we are prosperous in our homelands.

    point out, Think and Think anyone decide to Cast A VoteWell, Our short summer up here in Northern Ontario starts to fade. Summer is so precious to all of us in the north and this year we started very late with warm weather. Even the blueberries are holding back but hopefully they will be ready for picking in a week or two.

    With fall fast approaching I am aware of many elections happening in First Nations organizations and communities around the world and of course the coming Federal election. As First Nation people we find ourselves feeling out of the loop with respect to politics. Many of us just have not had the education to make us aware of what the different parties are and what their beliefs are comprised of. Even on our own regional and local levels with our own Indigenous political communities and in regards to band council elections we sometimes don’t realize who the leadership hopefuls are and what their beliefs are. That is a big deal because it really depends on our vote as to who ends up in direction positions.

    Generally most First Nations have a distaste for very right wing or conventional parties or movements. That is based mostly on our experience with these groups that will be more intolerant, Less inclusive of minorities and in general more supportive of the rich and powerful rather than an average.

    as we speak I see a movement by the right wing to infiltrate and affect First Nation politics. I think a lot of this might have to do with fundamental religious connections and support from the right in terms of money and support. All political parties are using social media to promote their message but it is simply the wealthy right who have more resources and funds to discredit popular middle of the road and left wing parties and movements. Money is important ukraine singles in election campaigns and it seems that it is always the right wing movements that have the most money because of course they give their support to the rich and powerful in this country. They believe in controlling the media and in propaganda rather than dealing with traditional open media that informs the public fairly.

    I love the study of history and I have passed so much of my life visiting historical places on this planet and numerous benefits of the past. This duration we are now in reminds me of the 1930s in Germany when that country, maintained by many western countries, Developed a very right wing movement that operated based on intimidation and violence. At first the German people ignored this movement but it had so much money, So much building up power and was very good at telling lies. Finally after many years the Nazi party came into power and that resulted in the death of huge numbers of people during World War Two.

    Much of the history shows that many western countries including the u. s and the rich and powerful of Europe and the west provided funding to the Nazi party because they were hopeful that this would defeat a real socialist movement that had taken root in the west and Europe. This resulted in the development of fascist regimes in Germany led by Adolf Hitler, Spain as little as Francisco Franco and Italy by Benito Mussolini. Major western and European organizations financed and supported these regimes. The rich and powerful of the world had no intentions of sharing their wealth in any kind of socialist movement that encouraged a more equal financial and democratic system. Lucky for us in Canada we have in most cases supported a social democracy.

    regretfully, We have not learned from history and we are now repeating the past. you can watch this with the rise of right wing movements in Europe, in america and even here in Canada. We live in a time where eight men own the same amount wealth as half of the world’s poorest population and that is based on OXFAM, a global non profit organization to alleviate global poverty. Now don’t think for a minute that these eight multi billionaires have any aim of supporting governments or movements that want to share the wealth or provide decent living conditions to everyone. They and their friends who are very wealthy and powerful don’t care about the average person, Their in order to a decent life, water that is clean, Enough food to eat and refuge. too, Think about that once you are casting your vote at any level, government, Provincial, regional and local. Find out where your meet ukrainian girl leadership hopefuls are obtaining their support, What their parties rely on and what their past proves. mull over, Think and Think a person cast your vote.

    summertime BluesLike that old song says “There aint no cure for the warm months blues, going very well what it was like being a teen in summer back home up the James Bay coast in Attawapiskat. I always had to work and that was good in a way because it kept me busy and out of trouble awfully. extremely, next time i was 16, 17 and 18 I wished that i was able to leave my dusty, Remote rez and head out to the big world where cities with sky scrapers, Thousands folks, cars, Trains and planes captivated my creative imagination.

    That coming of age time which is widely considered from 14 to 18 or 19 is remarkable. Everything was so intense for me and I was learning about my home, The world and myself in leaps and bounds. getting together with my friends was always the release and comfort I needed while I felt trapped working on construction projects with my dad, Marius. In a way I am thankful that my dad had a roof construction and cargo business that provided much work for myself and my brothers. Long hours at work kept me away from drinking and drugs for quite a while.

    are you still, i recall as a teen that my life was all about adventure, Risk and wanting to fit in with the other teens around me. I had always promised myself from the time I was very young that I would never drink or get into drugs because of so much tragedy and horror I had seen in my community when I was growing up. suffice to say, it does not matter my intentions were when I was a teen suddenly the idea of having a drink with the boys, Going to a party or trying a joint seemed like a good thing to do.

    Of course all teens want to fit in and take risks and that is just a reality for anyone at that age. although, What we never realized was the addicting power of alcohol, Drugs and may be. It was hard to believe that something that most people did continuously could actually turn a person into a helpless slave. I survived a rather long time with out joining in for the drinking, Cigarette and drug get but one day I decided to accept someone’s offer and that was it. My life changed from my experience of being a more or less innocent, Wide eyed kid obsessed with learning, coming in life and reaching for the stars to becoming lost in drunken nights. Somehow I rationalized taking that first step and then keeping on that trail into some dark, Lonely and very puzzling days. It was awful.

    Lucky for me accompanied by this darkness a light came my way. A cousin of mine who had been to drug and alcohol treatment and taken a college program in Native drug and alcohol abuse had returned to the community and with the assistance of some others started an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) club. without knowing why, I felt like someone had thrown me a life preserver as I was floating helplessly on a rough and dark ocean. It was difficult to make the move to attend my first meeting but I was helped by my cousin Ron and the small group made me feel welcome. whoa, I had a safe place where individuals were not judging me or stressing me out. We were all dealing with that problem and doing our best to follow the AA program and figure out what this addiction reality was all about. We had each other to count on and although life was not suddenly just a easy it got a lot easier and slowly I moved back into a reality that was more sane. This was not a popular thing to be doing because most of the community was heavily involved in drinking and drugs and they were very negative and nasty to our little group because we threatened them.

    I was lucky to have of some people that knew what I was going through and what it would take to get my life back. I chose to surround myself with sober people and I realized that I was one of those individuals that just could not handle alcohol or drugs and I got that. My life could have gone down numerous trails that summer when I was 18 but lucky for me somehow I ended up on one that gave me back my life before I had gone on too far into the darkness. I have met many Native and non Native people year after year that have given me insight, instructional, Traditional knowledge and supplied me with the opportunity to write for a living. I owe so much thanks to my family for figuring out and supporting me, My mom Susan and my dad Marius for being hopeful that I could a good life, My partner Mike for leading me through the jungle of life and indicating many of the traps on the trail. I give thanks to countless Elders I have met on my journey who shared some of their wisdom, Culture and persuits with me. Meegwetch to all the Native organizations and groups that have provided me employment recently so that I could write the stories of my people. I am also thankful to the media who feature my column and stories all over.

    I know that many teens are going to have an intense, Hot summer and I hope and pray that they worry before they leave their innocent childhood behind and trade it off with a tumble into a difficult life. There are people you can reach out to in all First Nations that are sober and won’t ever judge you if you decide you need further instruction. You can contact Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse deterrence (NADAP) Workers in most communities or if each AA, NA or original leadership to access then ask your community to develop these so that more of us can survive those critical coming of age summer time blues.

  21. Joan elizabeth Salter Bain

    BAIN, Joan at the Salter MD, CCFP, FCFP april 27, 1932 might just 6, 2017 trusting wife, moldova girls momma, grandmother, buddie, Family md, Passed away peacefully at home flanked by her family and all the love she gave so generously. She is held up by her husband Stanley of 64 years, Her infants, Ted, linda, brandon (jane Batt), Cathy (bob Huycke) And her sibling in law Libby Salter. A much loved and adored nanny to James, Alexander, Emily and sam Reid, Brendon, Alexandra and elizabeth Bain, and as well as Annie Huycke. Born november 27, 1932 in gta to W. ralph Salter and Hilda Best Salter, Predeceased by her older cousin Charles. Her early education at Bishop Strachan School prepared her for admission to Medicine at the as well as college of Toronto. all the way through 1953, She married Dr. Stanley Bain and then proceeded to graduate with the silver medal in Obstetrics with penultimate response by delivering her first born son, Ted, around 1955. She was among the initial groups of physicians to successfully write the Certification examination set by the Canadian College of Family Physicians. She founded a family practice in Don Mills with Stan, And was a medical staff member of the North York General Hospital. She came on moldova dating faculty at the or even of Toronto, In the newly established community based Family Medicine Residency exercise and diet program and remained committed to post graduate medical education throughout her entire medical career. Joan was a leader in the medical society, Serving as the first female president of the college of Family Physicians, And a board member of the Ontario Medical affiliation. She was exclusively committed to collaborative initiatives with the Toronto Police and the City of Toronto to increase awareness of, And develop cures programs for domestic violence, For which she was honoured with the B’nai Brith Women of Canada triumph Award in 1989. Joan and Stan raised their four children over these busy years, and then retired to an active life in the Beaver Valley, contributing to their community and church, while enjoying world travel and the company of many dear friends. The family is grateful to the palliative care services offered by Dr. Moran, The St elizabeth Nurses and Carol Refflinghaus and her staff. The visits of friends, In town and on vacation were heart warming and much appreciated, Filling Joan’s last days with love and attractive memories. A commemorative Service will be held at Christ Church Anglican, 70 gta St. If planned, Memorial via shawls by hoda to Christ Church Anglican, Markdale (In recognition to their work locally) Would be appreciated. Condolences for your loved ones may be arranged through MAY FUNERAL HOME, 63 principle St.

  22. A japanese industry mogul having thicker while compared to the popular host oprah

    that will ate Zhang five years and years in order to save so much to build a aircraft suspensions to united kingdom in addition to an speech foreign language duration. lindsay lohan successful a scholarship grant within institution, undertook studies for master’s degree around economics within Cambridge university or and came ashore your girlfriend first job california Goldman Sachs.

    associated with surviving in their high quality time in divider neighborhood, Zhang taken back to help Beijing, places your girl known her wife, and additionally at once the companies went about SOHO china and tiawan.

    “there seems to be experience of individuals preaching about how to restore china’s websites, also it was an unnaturally intellectually colourful point in time, your ex claims. “i felt like this u. s,world was creating a change, And I wanted to be a part of that,

    towards Zhang and the ex life partner, pot Shiyi, fashioned SOHO cina in 1995, it may be China’s most significant commercial real estate beautiful, as well as 56 how to meet chinese women million sq ft in choice progress in addition Beijg Shanghai.

    the truth that Zhang’s narrative is vast providing his or her celeb popularity in china and taiwan it is not necessarily unique. Of Forbes’ 2013 connected with 24 personal made female billionaires, Six will most certainly be caused from china based online stores (not to mention one taken from Hong Kong), over each country music outside united states.

    “my spouse and i mothers of our version had national revolution, experienced adversity, originating nowhere fast, also abruptly check out China’s striking expectation, acknowledged Zhang. “therefore,really men and women absolutely grabbed the opportunity,

    analyze: in search of the feminine in Jones

    Zhang has a following of greater than 5 milliusing Weibo, a new chinese social movie internet ofttimes compared to tweets, someplace your lover gives you her views on group, informed events and simply construction.

    then again inspite of the ex debt relief winning, Zhang, who also routines some sort of Baha’i positveness, reduces the risk for extraordinary features within happiness, often implying him / her 14 yr old son discover a job in carl’s junior and even KFC. your dog endeavored, in addition got on top of that more youthful that needs to be typical.

    “this is not to be options daughters reality this site is very high profile. that we evaluate so difficult allow them to have a natural their life, the particular claimed.

    “my group is quite, some what stringent with him or her on the subject off day-to-day money. i can’t provide you with that most hard cash finally they want to know, ‘I have to have 100 yuan because of this is my dinner business card,or,– etcetera. to do not have extra cash. except I feel continue to are not compare to the way you was, everywhere everyone were born (in).

  23. Some blog services and software have adopted this “nofollow” to take some of the benefit out of manipulating search rankings by abusing blogs. In case you loved this short article as well as you would want to receive more information with regards to buy viagra kindly stop by our own web site. The spam is undermining an integral part of blogs. A dose of the possible side effects of this medication are back pain, headache, wooziness, languor, facial flushing, muscle pain, stuffy nose, acid reflux, and so forth these reactions for the most part persevere in the body between 12-24 hours. These are Cheapest with high quality and stays in the body for almost 24 hours.

  24. Locals fight for OCCHS at Boys State

    American Legion Boys State emerged as a treatment program of the American Legion in 1935, When two Legionnaires from Illinois organized the first Boys State in their home state as a positive counter to the Fascist inspired Young Pioneer Camps in Europe. the concept not only spread to other states including Tennessee but to the legion auxiliary, Which promptly organized a Girls State relationship.

    Obion County Central twelfth grade members of the Class of 2012 have just returned from their week long hands on learning experiences in government at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville where Boys State was held the week of May 23 and from Lipscomb University in Nashville where Girls State wrapped up its program this past week.

    Those joining Girls State were Chelsea Southerland, Lauren at the Jones and Tabitha Paige Brown and alternates included Virginia Ruble and Christina Jackson.

    McDavid is the son of Robert and Beth McDavid of Troy and is a person in the OCCHS Beta Club and National Honor Society, Where he is chief executive elect. He is also a member of Health career Students of America, Pep football club, spanish Club and FFA. He expects to graduate as a Tennessee Scholar and quite a job Graduate and is a member of the Obion County Youth Leadership class. He has taken part in the University of Tennessee at Martin Math Competition and has been a regular academic Top Ten student and a Kiwanis Club Student of the Month. He has also won awards for Biology I and World is important.

    A member of Obion First United Methodist Church, He has taken part in Hurricane Katrina relief efforts and has been a person in the Obion County 4 H trap team.

    Douglas is the son of Charles and Vicki Douglas of Hornbeak and is a member of Beta Club and National Honor Society. He has been involved with the school Student Government Association and has served as vice chairman three years. the dog, insanely, Is aiming at tn Scholar and Challenge Graduate status as he begins his senior year. He is a member of Pep Club and Christian Students alliance and the OCCHS football team.

    He has taken part in the UTM Math challengers and has been a Kiwanis Club Student of the Month and in the top 10 percent of his class academically. He was also a delegate to the coed Congress on Policies in Education.

    He is active in the EDGE Student Ministry at Troy First Baptist Church and has been involved in Operation Christmas Child and ShareFest and has volunteered as a small group leader for children.

    Crews is the son of Andy and Kim Crews of Samburg and is a member of National Honor Society, Beta community, Key pub and HOSA, when they have been an officer each year. He is also a member of the OCCHS cross country team and is active in the Challenge Graduate and Tennessee Scholars programs. A member of Lakeview Church of Christ in Samburg, He has taken part in the Obion County Fair youth musical and the fair Junior livestock Show.

    He was named a Kiwanis Club Student of the Month and has developed in the top 10 percent of his class academically. He has also won several awards for excellence in chapter newssheet at both the state and local levels of HOSA.

    Miss Southerland is the daughter of Gary and Danah Southerland of Obion and has been near the top of her class academically. She has been a person in National Honor Society; Beta pub; spanish Club; HOSA, Which she served as parliamentarian and where she took part in the regional and state competitions; CSA, Where she served as secretary; FCA; as well 4 H, Serving as 4 H Congress delegate and claiming second place in the regional speech contest. She has been specifically an OCCHS cheerleader as a freshman and a Kiwanis Club Student of the Month.

    She has received numerous academic awards, consisting of Honors English I and II, Algebra I and thus II, top Freshman Award, the spanish language I, chemistry I and Top Ten Sophomore Award. She was a SCOPE delegate and a participator in the UTM Math Competition, As well as a nominee for the national Young Leaders Conference.

    She has been a member of the OCCHS soccer team and has been selected by the Union City Rotary Club to play in the annual all expense paid trip to Europe.

    She is an active person in Troy First Baptist Church, Where she was linked to Operation Christmas Child and led worship in EDGE youth ministry. She has also been a nursery worker and a part of the Youth Leadership Team and has been a Vacation Bible School team leader and a Wednesday night children teacher. She has taken part in mission trips to Georgia and has been involved in the congregation youth Christmas play.

    She has also volunteered to prepare of fun to master at St. Jude Children Research Hospital in Memphis and has visited area residents in assisted living comforts in Union City. Miss Southerland has been active in the Obion County Fair youth musical and has shown livestock there and worked setting up fair booths.

    Miss Jones is the daughter of Tony and Rhonda Jones of Union City and is a member of Key Club; Future educators of America, Which she has served as admin, vice president and president; Pep membership; CSA, Where she served as praise leader; Beta pub; foreign language Club; Art tavern; countrywide Honor Society; And taking photographs Club, Where she served as admin. She has been a Top Ten academic student each year and is working toward graduation as a Challenge Graduate and a Tennessee Scholar.

    She was a Kiwanis Club Student of the Month and was also a member of the Obion County Youth Leadership class and was a of the week.

    She claimed the French I award and is participating in the Rising Senior Program at Union University in Jackson this summer.

    A person in Troy First Baptist Church, She is involved in the congregation youth group and the church praise band and has been a small group leader for children and a VBS leader. She also took part in ShareFest and functioning Christmas Child and went on foreign mission trips to Italy and Mexico and mission trips to Mississippi, Georgia and okla. She also volunteered to assistance with Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts and Chimes for Charity.

    Miss tan, The boy of Tony and Amy Brown of Troy, Is a Top Ten standout in her class and a person in National Honor Society, Beta pub, Pep man utd, Art clb, language Club and the yearbook staff at OCCHS. She has been beautiful girl in spanish a Kiwanis Club Student of the Month and will relish Tennessee Scholar and Challenge Graduate honors next spring. She took part in date in spanish the UTM Math competition and claimed the Freshman Studies Academic Award.

    She attends Troy First Baptist Church and is active in the youth group and is a small group leader for the children ministry. to add, She has taken part in ShareFest and Operation Christmas Child and has completed time of community service at Magnolia Place in Union City and at the Obion County Public Library.

    Miss Ruble is the modest of Joe and Deborah Ruble of Hornbeak. She is a member of Beta Club and is going after recognition as a Tennessee Scholar. She has been class treasurer for two years and a member of the Key Club and HOSA and has also been in the OCCHS band color guard and a part of the Rebel Beat broadcasting group. She had perfect presence in the ninth grade and has been a Girl Scout and a volunteer for Angel House and Magnolia Place Assisted Living. She is a person in Troy Church of Christ youth group.

    Miss fitzgibbons, The son of Paul and Jane Jackson of Union City, Is a member of Beta Club, Pep community, Key tavern, spanish Club and FFA and has been on the OCCHS cross country team.

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