Charities cashing in on donations made to survivors of the Grenfell disaster?

Modern day charities have become corrupt, all they care about is money this is mainly caused to the corporate take over of “charity.” I have blogged many times about corrupt charities nothing surprises me with them they use peoples compassion and willingness to help to make money when their are so many people that need help.

According to STV news;

Less than 15% of donations made to survivors of the Grenfell disaster has reached those who need it, campaigners say.

More than £18 million was raised in the wake of the tragedy which killed at least 80 people, some of whom have still not been identified.

So far £7.25 million has been handed to distributing organisations on the ground, figures released by the Charity Commission show.

But only £2.8 million has been handed to survivors – almost two months after fire ripped through the 24-storey tower block in west London.

Many residents, such as Sabah Abdullah, are still living in temporary accommodation, eight weeks on.

Mr Abdullah, who lost his wife Khadija in the blaze, said it is a “miserable” existence.

“I don’t know how to describe it. You can’t imagine. You don’t know when to laugh, you don’t know when to cry,” told ITV News.

Campaigners welcomed the push for transparency, but said more needs to be done to ensure the money reaches those in need.

Yvette Williams, a spokeswoman for Justice 4 Grenfell, said: “It’s definitely not been fast enough.

“The survivors are raising it more and more – where’s the money, who’s distributing it, why aren’t they distributing it, how have they been chosen to distribute it, what’s the criteria for distribution, and how are you communicating with the people who should be receiving that money?

“They have to beg for information and it’s still not clear the background of it, or how they’re going forward with it.”

She said authorities need to make it easier for survivors to apply for funds, explaining some find it difficult, particularly when information is not communicated in their first languages.

“Some of these people are still heavily traumatised,” she continued.

“So they’re supposed to leave their hotel rooms, get down to wherever, fill in this application – they already feel like they have been put in a position where they’re begging for money.

“Once decisions have been made about how it’s going to be distributed the key workers attached to those families should be bringing those forms and doing it with them.”

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Where’s the money? Probably paying for some rich “charity owners” new Jag! Because thats what “charities” do. They are just expensive middlemen taking from both sides, extorting people and making money from peoples desperation, despair and kindness.

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