It was not long ago that Google was everybody’s first place to check for information. It was full of alternative ideas from real people as well as websites like the NHS and mainstream media. In recent years however things have began to change, I noticed a while back that Google had removed a website called death by vaccine and I believe that many others are being destroyed. Not because they are lying or they have been discredited or proven wrong but because Google/ the Deep state/ the establishment and governments seem to have decided that the Internet is no place for real people to voice their concerns. I think they want a happy Internet in which people just wounder in marvel at the corporate drugs and thank God for the right to work. They seem to want to tell you what to think instead of allowing you to listen to what people that have experience and knowledge on certain subjects think.

Google seem to want everything sugar coated and wrapped in false security and anything that threatens that is dangerous (including the truth.) I blog, vlog and make political documentaries and have over 26000 subs and over 18 million views spread over a seven year period so I understand how manipulated and controlled the Internet is. I fear that most do not.

Sometime over the last ten years we have got to a stage where even things like negative reviews are being removed from sites like trip advisor! How can we trust the news if we can’t even trust trip advisor?

When I look at Google news, YouTube or even Google search engine results now I can not help but ask how manipulated are these results? What are Google and their Zionist puppet Masters trying to hide?

It reminds me of looking in a school text book everything is so one dimensional, black and white and straight forward. There really is no need to think for yourself anymore just let Google do the thinking for you.

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