I have a love hate relationship with Steemit at the moment!

Anybody that regularly reads my shit will know that I have been VERY critical of Steemit. What you may not know is Steemit saved my blogging career and maybe even my life! If it were not for Steemit I would be broke as a joke, so why am I so critical of Steemit? Mainly due to its false advertisement of being anti censorship and decentralized, I don’t see it as either. Steemit is mega censored and completely centralized. That is why minnows like me and probably you are having to depend of whales to help our earnings. How can it claim to be decentralized when whales (powerful accounts) control it? Steemit is centralized and the whales prove it.

I have profited from Steemit and therefore I should be grateful shouldn’t I? Maybe I should but I believe their is a bigger picture here, I’m not being selfish I am just saying what I see. Steemit is wide open to the worst kind of censorship and that is self censorship. In my humble low paid opinion NOBODY should ever have the right to silence another mans opinion it doesn’t matter how wrong he is or you may think he is, everybody should be allowed to speak freely and without interruption.


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