A couple of months ago the people (especially the youth and the people in cities) of United Kingdom ignored the blatant propaganda that the mainstream media had been printing and voted socialist like parties and policies. Over 16 million people in the UK voted these kind of parties (Labour, Lib Dems, Green Party, Plaid Cymru, Socialist party and others) compared to about 14 and half million people that voted for the Conservatives or Conservative like parties (UKIP and the now famous Democratic Unionist party and others.)

I was please with the result because I believe it exposes the mass awaking that has been taking place in the UK in recent years. I do have a complaint however (if you read my shit you will know I will always find something to complain about.)

My complaint is this; What has changed since this shock result? The fascist British government are still handed out benefit sanctions left, right and center. The mainstream media are still printing their biased propaganda (I did’t expect that to change.) ┬áThe war on “terror” and by “terror” I mean freedom continues as does internet censorship on social media.

I know change takes time but I would have thought we would have begun to see a few changes by now. Is this democracy? I do not believe it is, it is still a corporate dictatorship.

The people in the United Kingdom voted the right way (in my opinion) but voting is obviously not enough. It is now up to the people of the United Kingdom to pressurize the British government in to employing the changes that people voted for or we might have well not bothered voting at all.

Step one is complete don’t forget step two, three, four etc etc. Carry on playing up roiting posting on your social media and NEVER let the Tories forget they lost this election and they are a completely illegitimate government that the people voted against. DESTROY THE FASCIST BASTARDS now when they are down or they will get up again and we will be back to step one again.

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