Message to Jobcentre advisors all over the UK.

I am a customer of the Jobcentre, I was self employed but the corrupt, thieving HMRC decided I was not making enough money to continue as self employed so they put me on to a new benefit called universal credit instead. Sounds fair enough to most but consider this; A few years ago Amazon, Starbucks and other corporations were asked in a televised inquiry why they contribute NO tax to the British tax system their answer was “we don’t make a profit in the UK!” Amazon and Starbucks are still allowed to carry on doing business in the UK, even worse the British government even give them grants and UNBELIEVABLY even pay their staffs wages in some cases with schemes like workfare but little old me, I have to make a profit to continue with my business. I received no help whatsoever just harassment and ridiculous demands and procedures. I have my working tax credit stopped and was left with NO MONEY at all for over three months. Without family I would have ended up on the streets or dead or something. It was the most stressful time of my life. I like to think of myself as strong minded but there were times that I felt depressed, trapped and scared.

I end up being forced to claim universal credit. My “advisor” informed me that Universal credit requires me to actively look for work for 35 hours a week, giving me very little time to do anything else.

It does not take me long to realize that these “advisors” are not here to help me find work but they are here to trick me out of claiming benefits. Because of this I refuse to let them access my Universal Jobmatch account (they use it to monitor people not to help people.) But they keep trying their pathetic little tricks. For example my advisor asked me the other day to send him my C.V, nothing wrong with that I hear you say and no there is not. However he forced me to sign a claimant agreement which would have meant that I would have faced a benefit sanction if I did not send the C.V or at least bring in a paper copy of it to him!

My advisor is a blatant homosexual but I cool with that we are all human even homosexuals and the jobless! He is at least in his 50s so I’m guessing he has probably faced much discrimination in his life for being what he is and nobody deserves that but now he is the one discriminating against his fellow men and for the fascist British government and what for three, four hundred quid a week? Pathetic.

I’m OK with gay people, his lifestyle has no relevance to me whatsoever so why does my lifestyle bother him so much? Because he is paid to make it bother him. I know we all need money and I hold nothing against anybody for doing their job unless their job is to discriminate people. All he has do is just sign the paper and let me go home and write my blogs, smoke my weed and you can go home and spend the night wanking to your gay porn.

That way everyones a winner baby thats for sure (except for the greedy, corrupt, extorting government but fuck them.) My point is we can all find a reason to discriminate against anybody if we look hard enough but lets not we are all human and none of us are perfect.

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