I take pride in the fact that I am hated!

Anybody that reads my blogs or watches my videos will probably know that I have strong and different political views and a genuine hate for the control freaks that call themselves the British government. I hate their corruption, greed and their lack of empathy. I hate the rich man’s wars that they make the brainwashed fight and I hate the fact that they act as puppets for corporations and the rich.

I feel no way in spreading and explaining my hate for the British government in fact I have spent much of the last seven years doing so. Some people seem to get upset by this and to these people I say this “wake the fuck up.”

Its 2017 FFS, if you still believe that the British government are here to help anybody other than the rich and the corporations then you have obviously been taking no notice of their actions or even worse you believe their actions are justified. In my opinion mass murder, greed, extortion and corruption is NEVER justified. I hate the British government so much that I have begun to hate the idea of working and paying taxes to the parasites and this has led to people around me and people online accusing me of being lazy.

To these people I say this; I worked most of the time and earned decent money from plastering up until the age of 30. I paid taxes and I conformed to the governments demands. Then I woke up.

My political views and ideas have led to many people expressing their hate towards me. “Get a real job” and all that shit I have heard over and over again well to these people I say this “get a fucking life and stay the fuck out of mine, you sad mentally enslaved cretins (I say cretin because that seems to be a favorite word of the right winged, fascist supporting morons.)

Many of these cretins obviously hide behind anonymity when dishing out their insults, I don’t do that what I say I put my name to it. I’m not saying I am never wrong but I do not hide myself away from anybody.

You can tell a lot about a man by looking at his enemies and haters. I am proud of the fact I irritate the the patriots, and racists and when I read your little hate filled comments a smile appears on my face (more so than when I read supportive messages) because I know that I am hitting my intended audience and destroying the illusion and delusion that they live in.

Sometimes when people wake you up you hate them for it but its too late by then you have been woken and slowly but surely the realization that you have been living a complete deluded lie hits them. Thats you they are angry.

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