Recently I have been looking for ways to make money online. Faucets is one of them ways and I have been through hundred of them. They all pay low and to make any real money from them you are going to need multiple faucets.

What I have learned from my experience so far is this;

Firstly you need faucets that do NOT slow down your computer (many of them do) and more importantly you need faucets that actually pay a fair rate. I have decided that if it does not pay at least 50 satoshis a click it is nowhere near worth doing.

So below is a list of faucets that I believe are not too bad, there are a few with ridiculously slow websites but I have only included them because of their higher than average payouts.



The first faucet is one of the most famous faucets 

This pays pretty decent compared to some and has a stable website and requires minimum work. It scores 8/10 pretty decent.


The second faucet pays in Ether and is similar to the first it also has a stable website and requires minimum work.

It also scores 8/10


The third faucet

Is low paying but fast it scores 6/10


The forth faucet is ( UPDATE SHIT)

I HATE this website it is slow and irritating but this faucet pays better than most (though it does make it awkward to draw out your earnings)

It scores 7/10 good payouts irritatingly slow


The fifth one is 

This one pays one dogecoin every 15 minutes so it is low paying (though higher than some) but it is a fast website that requires no work or waiting at all.

It scores 8/10 very good.


The sixth faucet is

Very low paying but very easy and very fast 5/10


Seventh is

130 satoshi every ten minutes, not bad for a pretty fast website that only crashes on rare occasions



The Eighth faucet is

Low paying but fast and regular 7/10


Ninth is

Fast and easy low paying faucet 8/10


Tenth is

Crashes sometimes but still pretty easy and fast and it builds up when you are not using it 7/10


Eleventh is (UPDATE SCAM)

Fast and easy 7/10


Twelve is

Decent pay outs but crashes a lot 7/10


Thirteen is

Irritating crashes but gives good bonuses 6/10



Same as above but pays in litecoin 6/10



Same as the two above but pays in Dogecoin


Sixteen and last one for now (though I might update later) is

This one is not a faucet it pays you to view ads and it is THE BEST site I have been on for making crypto so far. It pays pretty good and its fast a hardly ever crashes 9/10.









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