A few months ago I was in a bad break up with my ex girlfriend and this break up which I was mainly to blame for, I was short tempered, angry, frustrated and basically a pain in the ass to live with. This break up led to me nearly being made homeless spending much of the money I was making from YouTube, Steemit, Google Ads, Amazon and having to borrow money from family members (due to the fact a change in circumstance on my benefits somehow led to a three month period with no money at all!)

At the time I was a bit devastated, I missed my children and I was alone in a new town away from all friends and family members. Four months later and I am still alone in a new town but yet I am happier than I have ever been! Why? I think it is probably because for the first time in my whole life I am actually living my life my way. I see my children on most weekends, unfortunately I do spend less time with them but the time I spend with them is now better quality time as opposed to me sitting in the house watching them as they watch TV. Nowadays I take them out and we have a much better time than we ever had sitting in the house all weekend and I don’t even have a TV!

I spent much of my youth working not because I really wanted to but because I was forced in to it by my parents. Then I meet my ex, I was with her for over 11 years and I was always forced to live by a set of rules. I am unconventional I sleep in the day and come awake at the night that is just the way I am, some people interpret this as laziness but I kind of hate that!

If I was lazy could I own a YouTube channel with about 200 videos on it, many of them full length documentaries that literally taken months to make. The channel has over 26000 subscribers and has been hitting over one thousands hit a day for over six years….Lazy?? I also own a website that has thousands of subscribers which I add something to daily…Pretty impressive for a lazy bastard I say.

Nowadays I can put more time and effort in to doing what I want to do without the stress of people around me and people around the people around me being critical of what I do. I just sit at home blogging making videos, musicm smoking weed and collecting small amounts of different types of cryptocurrencies. How can you beat that?

I also live two minutes away from a decent size town smaller and less intimidating than Wolverhampton but still not bad for a five minute walk.

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