Cannabis review; SUPER SILVER HAZE.

Wow lucky me I got my hands on some Super Silver Haze exciting times. I love the smell of super silver when its fresh its fruity, hazey and just smells fresh, super silver is a lovely smelling skunk. It also smokes lovely and is VERY strong. Effects include intense paranoia, questioning of reality and maybe a little bit of over thinking! This kind of skunk is why many people hate marijuana its the kind that makes you reminisce all the bad things that you have done in your life and it refreshes the guilt, not everybody’s idea of a good time really, but I still love it in fact it is among my favorites.

The taste when smoking is very clean and smooth its almost cool and gentle on the throat no harshness at all. Not at all one for beginners but hardcore smokers (like me) will love this strain.

Super Silver Haze Scores; 9.1


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