Anarchy is alive (for those that want it.)

Imagine a world with no money, no borders, no police, no tax, no work, no courts, no corrupt lying politicians, nobody in charge we are all equal. As unbelievable as it may seem to some that is the way God intended it to be. God gave no nature power to humans over other humans the power the establishment have has been earned by murder, corruption, manipulation and lies on a huge scale. Not only that somehow they seemed to have convinced us (the masses at least) that this way of life is normal.

A world with no money, no borders, no police, no tax, no work, no courts, no corrupt lying politicians and nobody in charge is some peoples idea of a nightmare, I’m the opposite the false world of false security and delusion that they have created is my nightmare. The thing about consciousness and waking up is that just when you believe you now know the world you learn something new and that old belief gets annihilated.

For example until recently I believed that the government were winning the battle for control, I was wrong. they are losing and losing badly! They have no power they have no control and mankind would be best to keep it that was. The government have the illusion of power and the illusion of control but the only control they truly have is the control that we give them as an individual.

I love cryptocurrency and if kept decentralized I believe it could be a huge empowerer of the people, they (the government, establishment) will try to centralize it and terrorism will be their excuse, I will tell you you before they even say it, whatever the future government say its BULLSHIT! They’re control freaks and I bet banking families that have ruled us using the money and the banks to do so are a little worried at the moment. It’s probably the first time for hundreds of years that the banking families have faced a real threat to their power and control of the monetary system.

It also allows people that do not want involvement in the system a way out. The banks are dead long live king anarchy and cryptocurrency.


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