It might sound funny that a blogger/video maker that spends half of his life sitting in front of a computer to say “I HATE COMPUTERS” but I do! I know they help connect people and if used properly could help improve the lives of millions if not than billions of people around the world but I fucking hate them. And they will not be used to improve the lives of millions or billions of people around the world they will be used to oppress millions of people around the world instead.

 Our society is obsessed with technology and we have become dependent on computers and the internet disturbingly quickly. When I was 16 nobody was on the internet kids today could not imagine life or the world without the internet and I think that is kind of sad.

 But the internet is useful and I believe it is the main force of a huge mass awakening that has been building up over the last twenty years.

Computer enthusiasts piss me off though, it’s the language they speak, shit like; This one runs on Windows 10 has an Intel Core i3-6006U processor, delivering responsive power and smooth performance across essential everyday tasks. It has an 8 gigabyte ram with two processors capable of 2 gigahertz. What the fuck does that mean? I bet they don’t even know themselves. 

They literally get excited when talking about computer capabilities. I am not that impressed with computers are the “capabilities” they have. I think of it like this; if computers are so fucking smart why do they keep thinking we might be robots??

 Surely anybody with half a brain should be capable of realizing that the likelihood that a robot would be using my computer is pretty slim. In fact it’s never happened. Yet my computer keeps asking me to prove that I am not a robot.  

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