What do women and wasps have in common?

Women are like the bees and wasps you don’t see any for ages and then suddenly they are everywhere! Drinking your alcohol and harassing the fuck out of you! It gets to the point where you have to literally begin to fight them away.

What I have noticed about women in my limited experience with them is this; If you go mad for them and show them or tell them how crazy you are for them, you’re fucked, the relationship is doomed and destined to fail. You showed weakness you pathetic, unworthy piece of shit.

If you ignore them and use a take it or leave it attitude your chances of success increase dramatically. Don’t ask me why but that is the way it is. If only I known that when I was 18!

Being in my late thirties now (and having children) I am A LOT cautious with women and nowhere near as desperate as I once was to rush in to a relationship with one. Women seem to love that. They seem to want what they think they can’t have. So the best way to find a girlfriend is stop looking for one! But the best way to find real love is stop rushing in to relationships that you know are not real, it is probably why they say good thing come to those that wait. Unfortunately waiting is not as easy as it sounds especially when you’re young.

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