The CULT called Steemit.

For those that don’t know Steemit is a Website that uses a block chain database called Steem. This allows contributers to be rewarded for “good quality content” in Cyrptocurrency form known as Steem power and Steem Dollars, Steem can be converted to Bitcoin and Bitcoin can be converted to money so it pays much better than low paying alternatives like Google Blogger and Reddit. I have been on Steemit since August and was first impressed with the idea the payouts and the website it was exposing Pizzagate better than anywhere I can think of other then YouTube and I began to believe the hype.

Since than I have noticed inconsistencies and many problems with Steemit. The trending bloggers are always the same people for a start Steemit would have you believe they are the only people that are capable of writing “good quality content.”

Many people on Steemit are deluded with what Steemit is and what it could do and what it offers. I think some people have done well from Steemit and look to it as a way of making a living or probably do already make a living from it and because of this they are prepared to overlook its blatant weaknesses and faults. I honestly believe Facebook and YouTube of 2005 to 2011 was much more decentralized (in flow of information) and less manipulated than Steemit is today. From that period censorship has accelerated massively and it is now universally accepted that Google, YouTube and Facebook DO manipulate the flow of information on a huge scale and this is destroying them.

It’s hard to tell Facebook usage because only they access the stats but I can tell just by the activity of my friends on my personal profile Facebook is not close to as busy as it once was.

Anyway Steemit comes along to the rescue claiming to be decentralized and unmanipulated free flowing information for the first old since old Facebook and and old YouTube. Yet whales (powerful accounts that can make hundreds of dollars per blog) are forced to help minnows (small accounts that make fuck all unless a whale upvotes it.)

What does that mean? The best way to make money on Steemit is pleasing powerful accounts with lots of “steem power.” Steemit is not only centralized it has also created a pyramid scheme that basically means that many contributers are writing to pay “whales.”

This is not a secret or even hidden it’s the truth yet many users are denying it and many seem to think it is going to change the world. Unfortunately it won’t it’s a steeming pile of bullshit, hype and false claims and false promotion.

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