Let me start by explaining this is not an advertisement (though I might get a referral bonus if you sign up and use the site) this blog is just me telling you the truth of what I think of a website that i have recently discovered. The story starts like this; I am a weed smoking, work shy lay about and I am always looking for easy ways out but one thing that I have noticed is there does not seem to be an easy out. And I will be honest this website is not going to change that it does however offer you a free chance of winning up to 200 USD every hour with a guaranteed minimum win of a few hundred Satoshis. And unlike many of these sites it does seem legit (I had a quick look at reviews and they were mainly positive.)

I was looking on how to earn money online, I started filling in surveys I fill four surveys and got paid nothing, they websites made my computer slow and after days of trying to find a decent option I gave up on surveys. I ended up reading about captcha solving, I give it a try and noticed the money they offer was absolutely pathetic. I think they are jobs aimed at poor people in the “third” world because if you were to sit on your computer doing one every five minutes ten hours a day for a month you would be lucky to earn 40 pound. So the jobs ain’t worth it, they’re shit.

Until I come to this site.   


There are tons of sites like this online but this one is definitely the best I have come across. I also notice (because of notifications on some of the sites) that the British government are “concerned” about these type of sites. They never fail to amaze me, apparently they encourage gambling, which they do because they give you a chance to gamble the money that you have earned but we are all adults here we don’t need the governments protection. Somebody else informed me that by working for these sites we are assisting hackers and therefore it is immoral to do so.

But i think of it like this; Firstly don’t assume that all hackers are evil in some cases they are the ones fighting evil, why do you think the government and the corporations hate them so much? And secondly in my opinion at least anybody that works for governments or huge corporations are assisting greed, thievery and evil as are the consumers.

All I am saying is have a look see what you think or don’t I don’t particularly give a fuck it’s just a subject that I thought was interesting for another blog and another dollar.

If you do use it let me know what you think in the comment section.

184 Replies to “Get paid BITCOIN just for existing! I FUCKING LOVE THIS WEBSITE.”

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