Concerns that a statue of Lady Thatcher may be vandalized should not stop it going ahead said Theresa May.

When asked about reports that the statue had effectively been blocked over concerns about vandalism, Mrs May told the BBC: “I understand there are a number of issues that have been raised around the statue. What I’m very clear about is there should be no suggestion that the threat of vandalism should stop a statue of Margaret Thatcher from being put up.”

I actually agree with Theresa May for a change. In fact I believe they should locate a statue of Lady Thatcher in EVERY city center in the UK . When I went to Amsterdam they had urinals in the open street maybe the Theresa May should consider making these statues in to smartly designed posh urinals. That way when we need a piss we can piss on Lady Thatcher. In fact they should do it with all Conservative politicians. They could design a series of clever and funny poses like the catching piss in their mouths and shit.

I know some people might believe that this would be a complete waste of money but I believe it would be good for the morale of the country and morale and happiness is more important than money.

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