Being a girl in todays world must be hard and more complex then males realize because so many seem to fall in to a similar pattern or trap. First they watch Pretty Little Liars then they become Pretty Little Liars, most are so shallow they would not even take that as an insult because I said the word pretty but what comes next is anything but pretty. It is shocking how fast pretty little liars turn in to bitter old hags and the mentality produced by shit like Pretty Little Liars (not just Pretty Little Liars)  is much to blame.

I think the trouble is with Pretty Little Liars and the thousands of shit, brain-dead TV shows like it is always the same. They completely fail to expose the aftermath of living a fake life of lies and fake friendships with people that not only do not give a fuck about you (or anybody but themselves in some cases) but would ridicule you behind your back to other people.

At the end of Pretty Little Liars they will all still be Pretty Little Liars but a real life lived with this negative codependent attitude does not usually end so well.

There are two kinds of people in this world and that is people that say what they think to your face; These people WILL irritate you but always respect the fact that the worst things that they have ever said about you was heard in their voice by your ears.

Then there are the kind of people that will be lovely to your face all smiles but when you are not there or your back is turned it is a whole different story. You won’t hear what they say about you in their voice you will hear what they say about you through other peoples voices, NEVER shoot the messenger and cut these people out of your life for your own sake.

A part of me feels sorry for women of the developed world, mens problems are usually much easier solved a punch in the face and we’re all friends again maybe violence is sometimes the answer (I know men as two faced as any women but most are not.) ¬†Womens problems seem to drag on for months and months they hold grudges and there is definitely more of a competitive element within groups of women then there is groups of men.

We all lie and we have all done things that we are not proud of but when deceiving and slandering become part of a persons daily routine the person becomes a lie and anybody that trusts in that person is than trusting a lie.

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