To the world. I apologize for the actions of the people that call themselves the British government.

The world can be a terrible place it is a place full of desperation, sadness, anger and hunger. Many people live in sickening conditions made even more sickening when we look at the people that live in sickening luxury.  Great Britain and other governments of the “developed world” have undeniable been responsible for much of that. Even worse is the British government and establishment seem happy to continue the British governments policy of slowly destroying the world for their own gain. People of the world should know and understand that the thieving that our government commit does NOT benefit the vast majority of the people in the UK. The UK has much poverty and living standards for some are nowhere near what they should be considering the money that is in the British economy.

People of the world may believe that the British government represent and therefore speak for the British people, that is also not true. In fact most of the British people I know cannot stand our government most people in Britain face a battle just keeping the parasites away from us.

Many Brits are still under the impression that these people are here to serve the British people but more and more people are waking up to the fact that the only people that the British government serve is the corporations, banks, aristocrats and anybody that has the money to make serving them worth the governments time.

When I look at the British governments money driven actions over the years I hang my head in shame. They are a disgraceful bunch of self righteous, power hungry hypocrites both at home but especially abroad. I know and understand that me ranting about it is not going to help the people that are at present being oppressed by the British government but maybe one day the whole of the nation will rise against the common enemy which is the British government and the financial elite and establishment they represent.

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