A mass awakening?

Many people claim that there has been a global mass awaken going on in recent years. Protests against governments are taking place worldwide on almost a daily basis. Many times these protests are blacked out by the useless, biased mainstream media. The protesters are described as criminals, lunatics and trouble makers by the media and government whereas the purely money motivated police are hero’s protecting our freedom. One of the first signs that you are actually “awake” is recognizing that the police are oppressors of freedom and not friends or defenders of it. The police are there to protect the establishment, system and government and NOT the people, the people must protect themselves sometimes even against the police.

There also seem to be too many people claiming to be “awake” yet they continue to blame immigrants and Islam for the oppression and frustration that they suffer from. If you were truly “awake” you would recognize that blaming people that have nothing for the fact that you have nothing is ridiculous, unhelpful and shortsighted to the point of blind and stupid. Especially when it is now common knowledge that the top one percent own nearly everything. In fact the richest 1% of the world’s population now owns 50% of its total wealth,according to a report by Credit Suisse in 2015.

The cheapest war that mankind could fight just happens to be the most profitable, least bloody and the right war to fight. That is the war against the ruling elite (not capitalism I am no fan of capitalism but you cannot punish a system for the fact that people exploit it.)

Governments and media blind us with science intentionally. They speak and report these protests as communists movements and protests against capitalism. I don’t believe that is always the case. Capitalism should not be blamed for the greed of individuals though it might encourage greed.

I don’t believe that mankind has to completely change everything about the system, I believe it is much simpler than that. All we have to do is punish exploiters of the system accordingly and consistently.

If the British government have the power to jail pensioners for not paying council tax (in one case out of protest) than why can’t they jail corporate owners for not paying income tax? If they can send government bailiffs to pensioners and poor people to collect a few hundred quid here and a couple more there taking their possessions if the amount cannot be paid. Then why can’t we send government bailiffs to Amazon warehouses, Tesco, Boots and other giant rich corporations and take their many possessions? Many of these corporations have tons of possessions unlike the poor people that can barely afford to live yet for some strange reason (the equivalent of attempting to get blood out of a stone instead of a fat juicy steak) the government go after the people with nothing.

Waking up is realizing that there is no war on terror, there is no war on drugs, extremism or radicalization. The only war that is real is a war on freedom.

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