How to FUCK THE SYSTEM… Part Two. Start using Cryptocurrency

Anybody that hates banks should know there is still a little known alternative. I say little know it is also well known but I am constantly surprised of how many people have never heard of it or know what it is. THE BEST THING Steemit has done for me is introduce me to Cryptocurrency. The advantages of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are undeniable and these are uses that have the potential to free mankind and take out the need for the middle men (the corporation and the banks.) I honestly believe that Cryptocurrency if allowed to carry on could potentially be one of the most important ideas ever to be created.

Cryptocurrency gives people the control of money to be honest I am amazed it has not already been criminalized or something yet but anything that takes power from banks, governments and corporations and hands power to the people is good with me. I have no doubt that governments and banks will eventually say terrorists are using cryptocurrencies to buy weapons or something else that allows them to regulate it but I believe it should be kept as far away from governments or government control as possible. It should stay as it is decentralized.

Any organization that attempts to control or manipulate cryptocurrency (like CoinBase they stopped funding made from donations to darknet market operator Ross Ulbricht) should be boycotted and bought down instantly by its customers. Cryptocurrency could help change the world for the better and companies like CoinBase that are already attempting to undermine its uses could end up destroying it or even worse changing it in to something that works against the people and freedom.

But for now as it is I love cryptocurrency.

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