How to fuck the system.. Part ONE. TAX FREE TOBACCO

The systems fuck us everyday, it oppresses us and put ridiculously high tax rates on essential and natural products such as water and food. The system cares for us so much that they now charge nearly ten pound for twenty cigarettes and this cost is almost pure tax. “Smokers cost the NHS a fortune” people moan but statistically obesity and bad diet costs the NHS just as much as smokers do. Alcohol must also cost the NHS a fortune as every Friday and Saturday night the A and E wards across the UK slowly become filled with injured drunks.

Due to the system consistently fucking us I thought I would give some advice in small parts of how you can FUCK THE SYSTEM back.

Did you know that whole leaf raw tobacco can be purchased tax free on many websites that deliver around the world. I know the UK government have attempted to combat this with new regulation that I am trying to find but I can not find the exact law in the UK.

But I have purchased this tobacco many times and at about £20 for 450 gram it is a bargain when we consider it is nearly over £20 for 50 gram of rolling tobacco when bought from shops in the UK and this tastes BETTER than shop tobacco. I know people that purchase a variety of different leaves and even make their own blends of tobacco.

I know you might think I am being paid by the websites to advertise their products but I am not! I am just enlightening all smokers that there is a cheaper better way.


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