The government of the UK hate cannabis and they hate freedom so they especially hate the freedom to take, possess or grow cannabis. Why do cannabis users get such of a hard time from our government and police force? We are trying to protect the children from drugs and drug pushers the government and the do gooders that believe the bullshit the government talk will insist. But the children are not being protected in fact in many cases parents of children have ended up in prison for simply possessing drugs.

The law in Britain is a strange and frightful load of nonsense. Somehow possession of drugs can now lead to a harsher punishment and longer sentence than violence. In fact one man I know got two years in prison for pouring petrol all over somebody and setting him on fire! A few years later he stabbed another man for that he got five years!

Meanwhile a friend of mine is caught with about a ounce of cocaine that he had brought purely for himself and his friends he received five years in prison. The judge did not consider the fact that he had a young child that was born after his arrest due to the fact that the case taken nearly a year to get to court.

How do we as a society and a nation end up punishing possession of drugs more so than we punish the intent to harm or even kill somebody?

We seem to have lost sight of what is important and the difference between the governments thirst for control and a thirst for justice cannot be told by many. The war on drugs is not a war on drugs but actually a war on freedom, a war on people and it’s prime objective is to gain control of the lucrative drug industry. They brainwash us at school when it comes to the subject of drugs, they fill us with fear and tell us constant horror stories about them and bad experiences.

But the truth is we can choke to death on peanuts or end up crippled for life just by crossing the road but we don’t punish people for eating peanuts or crossing the road because that would be ridiculous just like the war on drugs is ridiculous.

Some claim that “the system” protects us from criminals and drug pushers yet I believe the system categorizes us as criminals and the system systematically promotes the use of drugs and violence through the music and entertainment industry.

By producing a violent and selfish mentality within our youth the government are creating more need for a government and for the police. Instead of educating people and attempting to minimize frustration the government try to fill people with fear and maximize frustration. By doing this they are creating a state dependent society.

The war on drugs is a doorway into our lives and in my opinion at least it has nothing to do with people in Parliament or the White House how people chose to spend their time and money.

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