Do you have a license to use that screwdriver?

Great Britain seems to be determined to be a world leader. A world leader in bureaucracy, legal procedure, paperwork and over-complicating seemingly straight forward and simply actions or requirements. Even tradesmen like builders nowadays face the unnecessary scrutiny of having to sit tests over and over again to gain “qualifications” before working. In fact to get on the building trade today we need a CSCS card which cannot be gained (for longer than six months at a time) without a basic health and safety card! If you do have a basic health and safety card or certificate your CSCS card can last for five years a time.

Certain building jobs are even asking for NVQ’s and obviously personal insurance against potential damages caused by the employee. You need a folder of paper work just to get a job on a building site nowadays. Why? Does it help the customer? Not at all in fact it leads to lower work quality because qualifications that can be gained over a few week period tend to be preferred to experience by many employers mainly due to the fact the qualifications are health and safety qualifications (not building) and therefore it looks better for the employer if there is an accident that ends up in court.

Moving house, renting houses, claiming benefits, finding working, running a car and many other every day activities are complicated to the point of ridiculous and extorted from. Why do the governments do this? The answer is simple. By doing this they are creating jobs, budgets and places to spend tax payers money. Who do they spend the money with? The contractors, the organizations that control the health and safety certificates and tests. Who are the contractors that control health and safety certificates and tests? People with friends in high places, people with friends in the government.

Many businesses and organizations would not even exist if it were not for the over management of potential workers. The government create the need for a huge workforce at a huge expense to the tax payer that is actually completely unnecessary. We are creating a box ticking society and not to help me, you or the potential customer but to cover themselves.

If only these businesses and organizations scrutinized the government the same way that they scrutinize the people. Maybe the Grenfell Tower fire incident would never have happened. Maybe dozens of tower blocks that have only recently been refurbished at a cut cost would not have to be demolished or altered due to health and safety concerns.

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