How powerful are politicians?

Many people look at politicians and assume that they are powerful people with influence over important matters. But is that true? How powerful are the “powerful?” I don’t believe that the powerful have any power at all they have money and the illusion of power. Look at Theresa May and Donald Trump, Donald Trump is constantly ridiculed by the mainstream media and the people of the USA. Same as Theresa May she might get slightly better treatment from the media than Donald Trump gets but she definitely does not get better treatment from the people of the UK. If the powerful are so powerful why can they not even stop the ridicule they face on a daily basis.

David Cameron was once the prime minister of Great Britain but if he were to walk through a Liverpool, Birmingham or almost any city ghetto on Friday night he would not last as long as the rest of us. He would be a constant target and all that “power and influence” he once had would melt like a chocolate fire guard. Power is not just about money it is about respect.

Jeremy Corbyn uses public transport to get to work imagine David Cameron or Theresa May doing that. They would be constantly bombarded with insults and threats. They would literally have to be surrounded by bodyguards thats not powerful that is weak and scared.

Yet we should not get too angry with them after all the politicians are just puppets for us to be angry at. The ideas and policies that many present are not their own ideas and policies but the ideas and policies of their corporate sponsors and puppet masters. A political party represents the people that pay for and allow that political party to function and exist. One rich person can literally be a million time$ more pervasive than twenty poor people and due to this lobbying leads to laws being altered and these changes in laws are designed to free the rich but come at the cost of enslaving the rest of us.

We now have tons of information available to us that was not so easy to access in the 90s and we know for an absolute fact that corporations and rich individuals have been buying politicians for too long. Because of this we should be aware that the true enemy of freedom and the people is not just the government but also the corporations, bankers, rich business men and aristocrats that to this day still have far too much influence over our politicians.

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