As I have blogged before the United Kingdom is no longer United in fact the United Kingdom is divided. The rich are obscenely rich and greedy and the poor do not have shit. In the past the rich have managed to dictate to the poor how the government will work but this election was a bit different. The rich and powerful’s favourite and most effective tool is the mainstream media that they own but the mainstream media have been so obviously using blatant propaganda to push political agendas that many are beginning to see right through them and this makes the mainstream media much less effective then they once were (though some people still believe the bullshit they print.)

I believe one of the biggest least spoken about divisions in the “United” Kingdom is the countryside and the city. Have you ever looked at the political map of Britain and asked why it appears to be all blue? The answer is simple the cities and highly populated areas tend not to vote Conservative. I spent much of my life living in the middle of Walsall and Wolverhampton and also thought to myself; If the Conservatives are so universally hated how do they win elections? The answer is they win the countryside’s vote.

Later I lived in Church Stretton (a posh conservative safe seat) for a couple of years and witnessed the local people protesting to keep open their library and swimming baths none of these people were concerned at towns and outskirts to cities when they were losing their libraries and public services. The protests offended me because these are the people that voted for the cuts protesting against the cuts but only in their area. In the end the local government even made a deal with the local people of Church Stretton to keep the library open. When these people voted for public spending cuts they obviously only voted them for the cities and outskirts and the poor not themselves.

Another observation I have about the countryside voting conservative is; Policies of the conservatives have a much bigger and more negative impact on the city than it does the countryside. Government policies led to cities suffering from the higher crime rates, suicide, police corruption and poverty meanwhile the countryside are moaning about not being allowed to legally fox hunt (they still do it anyway I have seen them do it, there are very few police in the countryside and when a policeman shows up he is cousins with half the people there.)

Don’t take this as me hating the countryside I love the countryside (Britain has spectacular and beautiful countryside) its the ignorance of many of the people that live in the countryside that I have a problem with.

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