I am a regular cannabis user because of this some people in my family seem to think I have an addiction to it but that is not true I consider it a love for it, I am a bit of connoisseur don’t you know? I can have have gone weeks without cannabis in the recent past (dark days indeed) but made a conscious decision to take it again. Why? Sleep is a good enough reason on its own, I sleep much better with cannabis like a baby in fact. I also tend to smoke A LOT of cigarettes when I don’t have cannabis, my nicotine addiction is actually an addiction and not a love, cannabis helps me with that massively.

I am more patient and tolerant with cannabis without it I can be moody, feel low and depressed. I also I believe I am more creative with cannabis use. I write blogs, stories, make YouTube videos on subjects like government corruption, the Illuminati, ancient mythology and many other subjects. Cannabis helps with the research and it helps with the more long winded and boring parts like the video and sound editing.

As a former plasterer I can safety say there are times and tasks when cannabis is not recommended (never plaster a house stoned) it don’t help. But as a blogger story writer, video maker or anything that involves creativity cannabis could be useful.

I believe cannabis is too effective and basically too good for its own good. I don’t even see it as a drug because it is actually a herb and my favourite one at that.

Pharmaceutical corporations and their own puppets in the mainstream media and government attempt to spread their fear and lies about cannabis but considering the usage it is actually proven to be among the safest of all drugs including many drugs that are taken legally everyday sometimes even by children. In fact it is probably safer than some of the ingredients of packaged food that we eat and feed to our children.

Not only is it less harmful than most other drugs (probably all other drugs) it is also known to have multiple health benefits and has helped millions of people that suffer from a wide range of illnesses. I know people that have serous illnesses that tell me that cannabis is the ONLY THING that helps them, yet those people could be arrested and classified as criminals and they are forced to be involved with drug dealers and pay a high cost for the cannabis they buy.

Its easy for people to jump on bandwagons and shout for rights for gay people and women because they are promoted and marketed as a fashionable thing to do but what about rights all for people and lifestyles? What about the right not to have to associate with potential (some drug dealers are among the nicest people I know) criminals for drug takers?

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