I remember being young and so desperate to find a pretty girl and settle down in to a boring existence acting like her little puppet. Nowadays the last thing on my mind is settling down. I am probably just to selfish of a person, I love my own space and I don’t mind being alone. I am probably the worst person in the world to live with (excluding serial killers and rapists) because I am opinionated, messy, I smoke weed and I’m lazy. But so the fuck what?

Single men are victims of a society that for some strange reason seems to punish men for being single and reward couples. Single men are much more likely to face benefit sanctions than women are and much less likely to win an appeal against a benefit sanction. Single men cannot claim ANYTHING for caring for the children that all goes to the women as well.

All I say is fuck your little sexist society, hand out your benefits sanctions, give us single men a hard time claiming benefits and force us in to dead end low paid jobs. Extort us and thieve from us, enslave us. And we still will not be as stressed, sorry, lame, pathetic and enslaved as a man that spends his life attempting to please the unpleasable and satisfy or unsatisfiable.

There is now ONE girl that I listen to and that is my daughter. I don’t look for forgiveness or keep begging and apologizing for simply being who I am and I will not change everything about me to please anybody because I should I?


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