When Steemit was young (I joined in August 2016 some joined as early as May 2016 I believe) a post would stay round about the top for hours because hardly anyone was posting, it seemed to me Steemit was full of people that felt let down by other social media outlets and moved on to Steemit in hope that they may have found something better. Recently (June 2017) Steemit has had a lot of people sign up on the belief that Steemit will make them rich. And that is what Steemit has done it has created another opportunely and a little bit of hope for bloggers to make a living from blogging after Google seemed to to all they can to ensure the only people that make money from the Internet is Google.

I cannot speak for all early Steemit users but I only begun to use Steemit due to the oppression and censorship that I was experiencing with sites like Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus and all the mainstream.

The oppression, censorship and corporate ads that bloggers and videos makers make hardly anything from is what tempted me to sign up to Steemit and although Steemit has slowly changed and grew since than, I have never regretted it and I hope Steemit or something like are the beginning of a whole new Internet and even the end of corporate media dominance.

When I first seen Steemit I had very little hope and I was super skeptical (I still am) I had heard it all before about from other websites I tried to use to distribute my videos. Websites like BlipTV, TruTube, LiveLeak, VideoBB and many others were all potentially good at one time and offered hope but all turned out to be useless and some don’t even exist anymore.

It always seems to me the only thing these video hosting sites and social media sites have to do to hold on to its audience is not oppress and attack them with things like censorship and political correctness but they can’t even do that. Now all Steemit has to do is is not oppress and attack its audience with political censorship, political correctness and other stuff that people hated about old social media and it could be the NEXT BIG THING.



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