I have been making political videos and writing political blogs for over seven years. That is the only reason that I have ever used social media sites like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and the completely failed Google Plus, to share my website, videos and blogs. A few years ago I had a few thousand followers on Facebook and I regularly used Facebook to promote my videos, blogs, website and shop so Facebook did have its uses and did introduce me and my videos and blogs to thousands of people a round the world. Unfortunately like many Facebook users it did not take long before the posts reach started to fall. At one time on Facebook my posts could potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people (when you use a fan page that allows people to like it the page Facebook shows your posts reach) by the time I finished using Facebook my posts reach was struggling to hit ten. The trend seemed to start at round about the point that Facebook started selling likes and reach.

I read a blog that suggested Snapchat is a useful way to share media so I signed up to it to help promote my website and I have to say I don’t get it. I have logged into to it about seven times since starting my account a few months ago, I don’t see what all the fuss and hype is about. I find it useless, confusing and just shit if I am honest. One good feature Snapchat does have is the scanning feature. You can scan a Snapchat image and it will send me a request for you to follow me.. Don’t count on me accepting anytime soon though because I don’t use it.

Instagram is even worse everybody picture filled with over the top effects I look at people that I know on Instagram and think “who the fuck is that looking twenty years younger than they do in real life?”

The truth about most social media use (not all) is sad. To me social media just seems so full of people desperately and aimlessly wondering around on line with nothing better to do, most of this is due to their own mind or lack of it. I have nothing against anybody that uses social media its how you use social media that counts. When I log in to Facebook (I might lose a few friends if they read this) I am inundated with posts written by people that genuinely seem to believe they are some kind of heroic martyr.

You know the posts I’m talking about shit like “if fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me” or “I may appear to not be strong but I stronger than you think blah blah fucking blah.” Sad Face.

I swear if Facebook put a STFU and stop crying out for attention button on it social media would improve drastically. And thats the big Fascination its not about their friends or family its about themselves. If your Social media is full of narcissistic, small minded, fake shit thats because you are a narcissistic, small minded, fake person.

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