Though some people might not like to admit it we all hate somethings and sometimes. Hate gets a terrible reputation and is no doubt to blame for a lot pain and suffering in the world but without hate could there be love?

Hate is often accused of being a negative emotion but is that true? Hate towards our fellow people based on minor differences like skin colour, language and religion  is obviously negative but is only negative because its blind, random hate. Trust and love are two positive mindsets but even something as positive as trust and love can end up negative especially if they are not based on common sense and observation.

If love can be negative than surely hate can be positive and I believe it is but only when used with common sense. When we read our History books we read about people like Rosa Parkes, Ghandi, Martin Luther, Muhammad Ali and many others. These people were determined, brave and fought for what they believed in against the blind hatred of the masses. Were these people and many others actually inspired by hate?

Hate for the oppression they they and their people faced, hate for the ignorance and arrogance of a society that believe them to be subhuman and worthless. Hate can be a great motivator and these is much of the reason mainstream media try to control the flow of it.

Hate towards the system or government in large numbers could be very dangerous to the government. The media rarely criticize the system (as a whole) because they media is there to protect the system. So our government tell us that they hate hate but thats not true they only hate hate when that hate is directed at them they love hate when that hate is profitable and convenient, does that make sense?

History proves that hate can be one of the governments best and biggest weapons but only if they can control it. If they lose control of it and the hate that we have for each other becomes hate for greed, oppression, corporate exploitation, the system and the government they lose control.