Is there a worse feeling than waking up after a night out of drinking in which you over did it? For me it has to be one of the worst feelings I have ever experienced. Headaches, feeling sick, cold sweats and a feeling of worthlessness and emptiness. Alcohol was never good enough for me I didn’t like the way it made me feel, the merry stage is nice but once we get past that stage we tend to end up on the making a complete fool out of yourself stage. Then we have the room spinning stage and being violently sick stage. I remember one time in my youth on standing at a sink that I had just about manged to get to knowing I was going to puke, I was looking at the taps thinking to myself “what the fuck is happening to the taps? Why are they moving?” as they quickly moved away from me. Next thing I remember is waking up on my back next to the sink with my own vomit all over me!

Experiences like that is exactly why I do not like alcohol, I hardly ever drink. People like drink because they believe alcohol gives you confidence and courage but the truth is it does not give you confidence nor courage it gives you a dysfunctional, unconscious brain. It makes you temporarily stupid, so stupid that you can not even comprehend your own stupidity, you can’t be self conscious when you are unconscious.

Weed is different to alcohol and though some people do not believe weed has the same social benefits as alcohol its not actually true. Weed comes in huge variety there are “skunks” out there that actually make you talkative as well as others that can make you laugh. Obviously there are also skunks out there that can make you over think and too much of some will make you paranoid but the right skunk can definitely be used sociable.

If you want to test the difference between alcohol and skunk on your brain try playing a computer games while drunk, its literally impossible. Yet Cannabis and computer games, puzzles, music, art and all sorts of creative ideas go hand in hand.

I always find ironic yet pretty typical that the drug (herb) that makes you think and conscious is made illegal and the drug that makes you stupid and dysfunctional is not only accepted and fully legal but freely marketed to the youth by corporations everywhere.

Why do tobacco companies get hit with all kinds of regulations and taxes when alcohol companies seem to carry on freely distributing and marketing their products? I know alcohol companies have been hit with higher taxes but the cost of cigarettes is ridiculous and the new packets and warnings are patronizing and stupid. I hear the non smokers now “smoking kills” as they eat themselves to death with a selection of chemically enhanced corporate junk.

I am a nicotine addict but lucky for me cannabis controls the amount of nicotine I consume. I tend to smoke four or five joints a day and that may sound bad to some people but without cannabis I would easily smoke 35, 40 cigarettes per day maybe more. Somebody that smokes as much as me and earns as little is obviously not going to buy cigarettes at over ten pound for twenty. So I buy rolling tobacco which is also much more expensive than it used to be but still more affordable. And though some rolling tobaccos are disgusting and strong some are quite nice.

I would like to know how you could justify the price of cigarettes at the moment “it goes to the NHS” they say but heres a question; How much do Coco Cola, McDonalds, Pepsi and all the over providers of corporate junk food that statistically cost the NHS at least as much as illnesses from tobacco products pay?

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