Why is the world like this?

I believe in God and I believe that for God to be real it must be more than we could ever understand or comprehend so to us God works in mysterious ways. One of the most common arguments against the belief of God or religion is why are there so many innocent people suffering in the world? My answer for this is we have free choice, (as suggested in the story of Adam and Eve) I believe somewhere in our history we chose the devils way! In other words we made this world the way that it is.

We only have to look at the ridiculously high wastage in the food industry to see that there is plenty of food for all. The trouble is that food would not be worth anything if it was freely available and distributed because of this it is more profitable for corporations/supermarkets and food retailers to throw the food away instead of giving it away.

I find the food donations to food banks and other charities in supermarkets a bit of an insult to the intelligence of the customer, Asking us to donate food in a giant building full of food. Owned by a corporation that is literally worth billions of pound and staffed by minimum waged or zero hours staff sometimes on schemes like workfare that mean the government paying the employee to employ!

A society that puts money ahead of people need to eat and that depends on the exploitation of people from foreign nations to function as a society can not claim to be influenced by god.

The western world and the lifestyles we live are destroying the world for other nations and even our own youth in order to save the world for corporations and the establishment.

I think of the world like this; extreme poverty exists to fund the super rich and the greedy. Every time we see a person that has too much and lives ridiculous lives of greed and extravagance somewhere in the world their are people paying for that.

A world that has individual families that own more than the other 99% of us has a problem.



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