I am a big fan of Steemit and I genuinely hope it becomes a big success. I have written blogs in the past pointing out possible censorship on Steemit but for now I remain open minded and hopeful of the possibility that Steemit really is a of free flowing information. I believe that Steemit brings so much potential to the future of the Internet and information if censorship is not implemented and the idea destroyed (excluding the flagging system obviously.) Steemit has helped promote my website, videos, blogs and paid me more than YouTube. Despite my 18 million YouTube views, 26620 subscribers and their corporate ads.

So I am very thankful for that.

But the best thing Steemit has done for me is pushed me on to cryptocurrency or Bitcoin. I fucking love Bitcoin and like Steemit could completely alter the Internet Bitcoin could potentially alter the whole monetary system and the world. It could take all power away from the banks and allow people to manage their own finances with being extorted from out side influences such as banks and governments.

Bitcoin could lead to poor nations and people from poverty stricken areas to sell the products that they create or mine themselves directly to the consumer cutting out the expensive corporate middle men. This could potentially led to things getting cheaper to buy and the creators of the product getting better money. The value of materials and natural products could rise in he country it is taken from and drop in the country it is supplied to making everybody a winner. If we are really lucky it could even be the beginning of the end of the corporation.  

The lists of possibilities and potential that comes with Bitcoin is in my opinion MASSIVE.     

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