When we watch TV and the news and read the newspapers we are presented with a world. We assume that this world is our world but what if it’s not? What if the whole thing is a fabrication? Questions are the answers we might need so here is a list of questions that NOBODY ever seems to ask but should be answered.

Question one.

Why do ISIS never attack Israel?

Question two.

What is money and where does it come from?

Question three.

Where do the news get their “news” from?

Question four.

How come suicide bombers always take I.D with them and are usually named within hours of the attack despite being attached to a bomb but victims of the tower block fire in Kensington may never be identified and the amount of deaths never known?

Question five.

Would so called A list celebrities be A list celebrities or be even notable at all if the media didn’t keep promoting them?

Question six.

What does DVD stand for?

Question seven.

Do flies get repulsed and offended if another fly farts by them when they are eating their shit?

Question eight.

If reality and fantasy are the same thing and therefore our reality is a fantasy why the fuck do we live it like this?

Question nine.

What if life is actually a video game and when we die we go back to our real lives in a very highly developed, technologically advanced world?

Question ten.

What if Fake news exposed fake news?




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