The Brit awards an awards ceremony in Britain that claims to recognize and award the best music and musicians in Britain and even worldwide. I cannot comment on all the music that won awards as I do not listen to most modern day shit but I did notice that commercial, brain-dead garbage One direction won an award for best video with the video to You and I. The only way I can ever see or imagine One Direction making a video that deserves to win an award or even to be viewed by me and take up 5 minutes of my life is if that video was showing the people involved in One Direction having their tongues cut out, so they can never hurt us with that horrible noise again.

I stopped watching the Brit Awards when I was about 15 years old because it was boring then, but nowadays it is even worse, I do kind of regret watching Madonna make a complete fool out of herself, falling off the stage when performing her satanic/pagan ritual based performance.

When reading the winners and the performers I could not help but ask myself is this really the best music that Britain or the world has to offer? British music has become boring, corporations that control the radio channels and the T.V channels have saturated the market including the TV and Radio channels with horrible, pop music that sounds like it is made for 10 year old girls.

Music is so fake nowadays and so are most of the musicians, British music is not the only music to suffer American music is even worse and American Musicians are even more fake than British Musicians, this is a shame as America has like Britain produced some amazing music over the years.

It seems to me that everything corporations get their hands on they destroy, they destroy our food with G.M ingredients, chemical flavor enhancers, preservatives and artificial sweeteners, most corporate food taste like shit and is full of shit! Corporations destroy our local markets and businesses, they destroy the lives of the people that are unfortunate enough to be exploited by the greed of these businesses, they fail to pay fair wages, fair tax amounts and have very limited competition, and now they are destroying our music and replacing it with soulless, meaningless, nonsense, pretty boys and fame whores.


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