There is a strange atmosphere in the UK at the moment, with the recent tower block fire and multiple “terror attacks.” Everybody is getting political, even on my (personal) Facebook account (Facebook closed my page that had thousands of followers that I used to use to promote my website with) I am seeing old friends that I have known since I was a kid have been political writing political messages and sharing political links. People being involved in politics is good in my opinion EVERYTHING should be decided by people as opposed to the current system we live in that allows money to dictate.

But I have to say some of my old friends disappoint me. They have been sucked in to this negative, racist mindset and false belief that Muslim people are our enemies. Even worse is the very same people also tend to believe that the political elite, aristocracy, media and hierarchies are our friends!

There has been a slow but mass awakening going on in the UK for years and a lot of people I know understand and know who the real enemy is (the political elite, aristocracy, media and hierarchies.) But equally as many people are that claim to be “awake” are still directing their anger and frustrations at Muslim’s, immigrants and even the poor. I do not understand the mentality and to be honest I don’t want too.

I see it like this; There are people in the world that own large businesses, media, castles, palaces, multiple houses, politicians and land the size of towns and cities. There are people that own their own house and live pretty comfortably but within reason. The rest of us live in something close to poverty or in some cases bad poverty many of these people are immigrants, Muslims and even white people.

To blame the man that doesn’t even own his house and in many cases can not even afford to pay rent on a property so they are forced to live in over populated properties with multiple people in each property to help make it affordable is the equivalent of blaming the Victorian children for the political terminal and tensions of the Victorian era.

I don’t believe that somebody that claims to be “awake” should be so full of hate towards people that contribute a lot and get paid a little whether they be Muslim, Black or White.

The whole mentality of attacking and extorting the poor is a strange, pointless one because the poor have very little to give. The elite on the other hand with their  large businesses, media, castles, palaces, multiple houses, politicians and land the size of towns and cities, they have plenty to give. There are now 134 billionaires in the UK, which has increased from 120 in last year’s list according to the Times.

The total wealth of the top 1,000 people on the list has increased by 14 per cent since last year (despite much poverty) according to the Rich List. It has risen by £83 billion to £658 billion.

Part of being “awake” and conscious is to recognize that the race war does not exist, the race war is used as a weapon for a much bigger war and the only real war the class war.