I don’t work (unless you count blogging as work which I was claiming working tax credits for before HMRC stopped all my working tax credit claims leaving me with nothing other than the money I had made from YouTube over the last year.)

They forced me in to claiming the new universal credit which involved me having to attend the Jobcentre EVERYDAY for a month.

When they stopped my benefits they left me without a single payment of anything for over three months. I have written multiple blogs about it in the past and even uploaded videos on to YouTube and Live Leak about the issue. Some people demand “stop scrounging and get a fucking job” well this blog is for you.

Unemployment benefit only actually costs the tax payer 2.4 billion pound per year! That may sound a lot until we consider that working tax and child tax benefits cost 29 billion pound and Housing benefit 26 billion.

So statistically we “lazy lay abouts” actually cost less to look after than you do! And despite the fact that you work all the hours under the sun you are still forced to claim benefits and therefore no better nor no more independent than people claiming unemployment benefit!

So quit your jobs you scrounging parasites and do the honorable thing. Claim unemployment and scrounge a little less.


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72 Replies to “Quit your jobs and stop claiming so much benefits.”

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