I was shocked when reading some of the comments written in the comments sections of an article from the Sun on Grenfell Tower survivors ‘terrified after being offered rooms in high rise hotel’ amid claims they’re only given £10-a-day to live off


Mark Johnstone says. 
“Its terrible what happened, so many people at the one time losing there house. But people lose there house and all there belongings all over the uk everyday through fires and they dont get any help from the goverment. They might not of had to see the terror of dead bodies and stuff but in the long run they still lost everything and have to deal with it themselves.” 

“Deal with it themselves” how nice of him.

Diane Abbotomus
“Do any of them work? Have any of them contributed anything to this country at all? Why are they here?”
Another person that clearly hates his job and therefore probably his life and himself “I work I’m like a real life superhero” mentality.
Tommy Hill says.
“Take it or leave it, there appears to be a housing shortage in the UK, I can’t think why!”
Obviously he means immigrants and the real problem of social welfare cuts because he reads the Sun. 
trev stans

“surely their insurance company would give them an advance on lost belongings?

also those on benefits would still be getting their cash?

if my house went up I wouldn’t be offered anything unless my insurance company paid me anything.”

That is the whitiest thing that you could possibly say! These people live in High Rise flats FFS. “Insurance,” people like us are not insured you posh, over privileged twat.

I like Jeremy Corbyn and John Mcdonnell’s idea of seizing the empty holiday homes in the area, they never disappoint me! I bet a few Conservatives are panicking now “my holiday! I only have five.”

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