The Grenfell Tower fire exposes the problem with the Conservative cuts. The fire may or may not be as a direct result of the cuts but I can guarantee the cuts have killed more people than the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire when we consider the cuts were implemented on the NHS and Welfare as well. Benefit sanctions have also pushing people that were already close to the edge to suicide. So the cuts affect and destroy lives there is no doubt about it.

The cost of human life just to save a little bit of money is an investment that should never happen but unfortunately it does. The cuts would not need to be so harsh and money would not be so tight if the many huge businesses that operate in Britain and around the world paid a fair rate of tax and were forced to invest money they make from local areas back in to the local area.

Many of these high rise flats were going to be demolished years ago until the government decided on simply covering them over with a type of cladding. This method is cheap and more of a cover up than a redevelopment. A resident told BBC news “they didn’t even put in a new lift” yet the “redevelopment” still some how managed to cost ten million pound.

The irony is that the Conservatives attempts of saving money could end up costing ridiculous amounts of money as well as the huge loss of life. Due to the fire many of the newly “redeveloped” at a cost of ten million per block could now end up having to be knocked down and the residents alternatively homed.

I’m a plasterer by trade if you ask me to do a job say plaster your living room but you want it done cheap in one day I could do it but I could not guarantee that you are not going to have problems later (cracks.) If on the other hand you wanted me to do a job and said you want all new plaster down to the brick and money and time is not so tight, I could guarantee that job for ten years it would cost a lot more in both labour and materials but it will last thirty, forty years.

Any builder will tell you that “cutting costs” can end up costing a fortune.

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