As I have explained before in a previous blog Ross Ulbricht is the creator of a website called Silk Road. A website that allows people to offer services (in most cases drugs) anonymously. Due to no fault at all of Ross Ulbricht some people have used it to offer services like assassinations and counterfeit money among other things.  Their was even talk of Ross Ulbricht being charged with procuring murder himself but fortunately and due to the far fetched ridiculousness of the claim the charge was dropped. Despite that charge being dropped Ross Ulbricht is still looking at life sentence without the possibility of parole.

Ross Ulbricht created a way that allows drug users to access drugs without the need to see drug dealers and risk being victims of violence and robbery. Due to Silk Road millions of people have access to better quality, cleaner drugs and thats why the government have a problem with it.

The system is not protecting nor trying to protect the consumer or the people by implementing such of an harsh punishment on Ross Ulbricht they are as usual protecting the corporations. The pharmaceuticals want control of drugs its why the drug war started and its why the war on drugs is still fought. It’s not a war on drugs its a war on people and freedom.

Ross Ulbricht who had 28.5 million pounds worth of Bitcoin seized from him by the FBI simply created a service that people wanted to use and as usual the government use drug laws (that shouldn’t exist) as a tool to implement some corporate revenge upon Ross Ulbricht.

Whats happening to him is a travesty of justice and about control not protecting civilians. CoinBase froze its service for the #freeross campaign (money made in donations) so exchangers like CoinBase should be boycotted. They are completely undermining the point of Cryptocurrency, they have no right deciding who pays who.


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