Today we live in a ultra fake society everybody wears a mask. As a society we spend so much time being fake that the falseness literally begins to take over their lives and the person that we pretend to be becomes the person we are.

Facebook exposes this fakeness pretty badly and I believe this fakeness stems from a craving for acceptance, recognition among their piers and attention. And they are all so nice to each other over social media, liking each others pictures and sob stories and responding to the calls for attention and recognition that their friends put out there but in most cases these people these people are responding just for a future response.

“I love you” they claim to each other over Facebook but I wonder if the words that leave their mouths are as nice as the words that leave their fingers. I bet sometimes they are saying the worst shit to somebody else when they type their messages to their “friends.”

I think the way that somebody uses the Internet can defy the person. The internet can be used in many ways some people use it to keep an eye on their money, others use it to watch porn all day or to buy and sell products, to work, to watch TV, keep informed on current affairs, for knowledge and learning some use it to sell themselves to the world as a tool to get attention and acceptance. I guess that is just the way it is and me moaning about it will not change anything.

The truth is I don’t care how many Facebook friends you have, you have NO friends or very few. There is only one person you can really trust and that is yourself and if you believe the falseness and bullshit that these people say over social media you are heading for ultimate disappointment and it will not be the fault of the people that you thought were your friends it will be your own fault for being naive enough to believe in these people.

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