They call us the United Kingdom but if this election has exposed one thing its the fact that the United Kingdom is not united.

This is a fact that has been obvious to me for many years the United Kingdom is suffering a huge lack of unity. We blame each other for our current living standards and lack of opportunity. Social media and this election expose how divided the United Kingdom has become. This election was the young vs the old, the cities vs the country, the rich vs the poor, corporations vs the people and the media vs the Internet and it turned out to be a rare victory (if we count votes) for the young, the cities the poor and the people.

This has led to angry reaction from some media and people that “worry” Britain is now going to be flooded by immigrants, I believe if our military leave their countries they would be less desperate to come over to Britain. These people are still reacting to the fear mongering and blatant propaganda, lies and the smear campaign the British media have been putting out over the last few months.

The media felt no way in using the terror attacks in Manchester and London as a way to stir up hate, fear and tension but it didn’t seem to work with the majority people but when Jeremy Corbyn mentioned Tory cuts after the Grenfell Tower disaster he is accused of using the tragedy to gain political support. The media can say what they want I heard far darker theories as to what may have happened from residents interviewed and then censored from TV.

One of these residents informed the BBC that they have been trying to move them out for years, in his own words he said “I wouldn’t even be surprised if it wasn’t a accident.” ┬áThe media make me laugh though some of the shit that they print but all of a sudden develop huge a sense of morales when they think they have a story. But they have no story and Jeremy Corby does have a point.

The media give us reason to hate and fight against each other and react so easily, they point their fingers at immigrants, welfare and now Jeremy Corbyn as people to blame and hate but this election has exposed the power of the media is dying and that can only be a good thing for they United Kingdom. Maybe upon the death of the media the people will unite against the common enemy the corporate controlled state.


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