Some people are surprised by the success of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell as politicians but I am not really surprised (I was surprised by the result by that was mainly due to media and polls predicting a landslide) and I think a lot of their success is down to their realness as people. Labour have been stuck in the middle of the right and governed by corporate sponsored puppets and it has shown in their polices and their results. It’s hard to connect with real people or help people on real issues when you are paid by big business and rich businessmen.

One newspaper reported that Theresa May hated the slogan “strong and stable” and wanted to axe but her hate for it did not stop her using it over and over again. This exposes the problem with Theresa May and many politicians, they spend so much time reading their scripts playing their roles, they lose grip on reality and what they stand for.

If you lose grip and sight of our reality how can you be real and be trusted to address real problems? Watching Theresa May nearly in tears on the TV directly after the results come through shows how short sighted and detached from reality she has become. She claims her actions and decision making lead to Conservative MPs losing their seats (which they did) she was visibly more emotional effected by that than, more than I have ever seen her before. But you could argue that her and her governments actions and decision making have in the past lead to thousands of civilian deaths in Syria and Libya, put more people than ever in dead end jobs, caused poverty and made many people homeless. None of that seems to bother her at all.

She has lost sight of reality and due to this connecting with real people is her problem, she refused to do the TV debates and large public appearances for this reason.

Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell do not need to fake their beliefs or work around them to suit corporations and scripts because they are real beliefs from real people.

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