In mid February HMRC stopped my claim for working tax credits stopping all my payments but allowing me to appeal so I did, I moved house half way through the process which obviously starts the process back at the beginning. I was than advised to see the Jobcentre about starting a claim for Universal credit just in case my working tax credit appeal is lost..So I do. My claim started on the 5th May today is the 13th June and I am still to receive a payment from Universal Credit or Working Tax Credit.

How have I survived? I spent every penny my business made through revenue it the matter of a few weeks. I am fortunate enough to have a good family that helped me through people have bought me shopping and borrowed me money. The Jobcentre informed me on Friday that my payment would come through early this week today is Tuesday still nothing. I genuinely wonder how people that are not as fortunate as me are coping with these harsh benefit cuts.

To us those that demand me to “get a job” explain this to me; What difference does it make if they were to give out one thousand a week to claimants? Nothing because money is not even real! Your wages go up with it! Because only then are you are not a slave if the threat of financial worry and surviving are the only reasons you work then you are a slave. So the “I’m a slave you should be a slave” mentality does not help anybody.

Another thing these people should consider is; if I struggle for benefits and go through a process that begins to feel like I am trying to get blood out of a stone then you will suffer the same treatment if you ever lose your job.

The governments new benefits Universal credit is a bad idea that forces people in to shit temporary jobs with not much of a future if any “experience” the Jobcentre will say but “I spent seven months working at Tesco on a zero hour contract” is not the sort of experience that most well paid or even mid range job offerings are interested in.

People have to spot pointing fingers at benefits claimants both white, British and immigrants and look at what is actually happening. Money is not a force of nature or an actual living requirement. The reason it is hard to find a well paid job and work your way out of poverty is because if it was easy we would all be doing it. Unfortunately most of us are struggling through working or not and paying some rich landlords mortgage for them at the same time.

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