I signed up to Steemit in August 2016 since then I believe Steemit has begun a censorship policy on certain material. Why do I believe this? Well my Steemit posts see a lot less interaction than ever before. A few months ago my posts were receiving many upvotes……..

Since that the amount of upvotes has plummeted. When write blogs I write them for my own website as well (wolvoman80.co.uk) and I assumed that Steemit’s audience was not really interested in British politics and when I move away from British politics the upvote and post interaction would come back……

I was wrong! I now believe that Steemit is censored and not only by the flagging system because none of my recent posts have been flagged. Is Steemit now going to begin Facebook, Google, YouTube style censorship? If so fuck Steemit. Its not too late for Steemit to do away with censorship and allow a REAL free flow of information through it. The developers of Steemit should look at Facebook, Twitter and Google and why people are looking for an alternative. They have a simple choice to make be part of the solution like almost everybody wants them be or be just another part of the problem.

Check the censorship on my page for yourself @wolvoman80

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