When we look at the “modern” Internet and compare it to the Internet of about ten years ago or even five years ago the improvements seem impressive. HD/4K videos, lots of free social media faster loading times. At first glance the modern day version of the Internet looks like a huge improvement. However when we take a closer look at the modern day Internet there is a huge problem as compared with the old Internet.

That problem is censorship. I make political documentaries that are controversial to some so when I started suffering from harsh censorship I always assumed it was because of the content of my videos. In recent years however YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google have received millions of complaints from annoyed users that like me feel their channel or videos have been oppressed, hidden or sometimes even removed from the site. Not long ago (when researching the level of censorship that is actually happening) I watched a YouTuber that spent a lot his time talking about suicidal feelings and how to cope with them, this YouTuber was not allowed to advertise due to the “offensive material” he was posting (something that has happened to me on multiple videos and occasions.)

I watched a couple of his videos and seen nothing that offended me in fact what offends me more than anything is when some got nothing better to do “dogooder” thinks they have the right to dictate what people read and watch!

This is financial censorship by financially starving “offensive” videos of financial gain and profit the videos will eventually stop being made and stop appearing on YouTube because people will learn that the subject is a no go for YouTube. Will this improve the quality of YouTube videos or information that we can find on YouTube? No in fact it is much more likely to have the exact opposite effect!

The excuse the establishment and governments use for this selective online advertising policy is the “fear” that extremists and even terrorists could potentially profit from online advertisements and maybe they could! But I ask you this; who funded these terrorists in the first place? who made them powerful? The British and American governments of course to fight the British and American governments enemies.

This is how they feed from terrorism they use terrorism to justify censorship, Internet regulations and restrictions on freedom but they created the problem, freedom of speech did not create the problem yet freedom of speech is lost because somehow the government have concluded that if we (the people) shut the fuck up and surrender our freedoms the terrorists have lost!

It sounds like the opposite to me as well as losing our freedom of speech and freedom of expression we also lose our freedom of knowledge and freedom of information and we lose all these just to ensure that a few small groups of pissed off people lose their freedom. That means the cost of the war on terror is losing our freedom but the reward from the war on terror is they (the terrorists) lost their freedom as well!

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