The first pollen and hash type I have reviewed and to be honest I have never been a huge fan of hash so I did not really have much hope for this. You can put this Hash straight in to the grinder but I found it fluffed up a bit if you let the flame touch it and sprinkle it in. Back in the late 90s I could not always get my hands on skunk hash was easier to get and cheaper, I have not smoked it regularly since so much nostalgia from rolling it up.

Upon smoking it taste something like I remember hash tasting but this Moroccan Pollen Hash taste cleaner and a common problem with the hash I used to smoke was hot rocks (hot bits of hash burning in to clothes and furniture) but this has none in fact it burns to pure dust. It does not smell too strong when smoking and has a nice sweet taste as well as a nice mellow effect that creeps upon you. I am well impressed with it and it is nothing like the shit hash I used to get in the 90s this is much better.

Moroccan Pollen is not too expensive to buy if you go to the right places meaning very good value for money too.


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