Living in the UK I have smoked a fair amount of cheese at one time everybody had cheese it was everywhere. The first thing you will notice with Cheese is its very strong sour smell hence its name. Cheese also stinks when you smoke it its a very strong smell that travels for miles and lingers.

As explained in previous blogs haze is usually my favourite smoke but I don’t mind cheese. Cheese is strong but also uplifting and has the tendency to make people happy, despite its very strong smell and taste I have always noticed it is sometimes not as strong as the smell suggests. Like many skunks Cheese is expensive and in the UK it is massively popular despite its very high price (it will usually cost at least ten pound for sometimes as little as 0.7 of a gram though it can be found cheaper depending on location and source.)

Cheese is defiantly worth a try if you have never tried it if only for its strong taste and smell. But I find it too pricey its a good solid skunk and is just plainly over priced.

CHEESE scores 8.7

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