Poor Theresa May…

When I was watching Theresa May give her speech and announcing that she will form a “government of certainty” with the Democratic Unionist Party I couldn’t help but feel a little bit sorry for her. She looked exhausted and devastated and not that pretend devastated that politicians are good at acting but genuinely devastated and drained.

And she is still talking about a “government of certainty” If I was Theresa May I would quit now, if she is not careful the future could be dark for Theresa May. I’m starting to vision fifteen years in the future Theresa May in a padded room at a lunatic asylum muttering to herself “strong and stable, strong and stable, strong and stable” and “government of certainty” “a strong and stable government of certainty” while sitting in her on own feces.

Before we feel too sorry for Theresa May we should consider what would have happened if she would have had a good result and won by the landslide that polls and media were predicting. Her smug face with a look that says “now, you’re mine” she would have started dementia tax, cut benefits and public services all to help even larger reductions in corporate tax and wars in the so called War on Terror would escalate even more than it has over the last seven years of the Conservatives being in power.

I found the interview with Theresa May directly after the election results funny but also a bit sad. She looks angry, sad and helpless all at the same time.

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