For the first time in a while I am a little proud to be English and especially proud the young Labour voters! Many of the British people ignored the constant ridiculous attacks that the media were throwing at Jeremy Corbyn on a daily basis and looked at policies and made their decisions based on them policies and not the propaganda they were reading. It’s good that our youth have the ability to ignore and recognize propaganda as blatant as it was. This election, the recent American election and Brexit all expose the same things people have stopped listening to the media, polls are full of shit and propaganda does not always work.

This election had a 2.6% higher turnout then the last general election and a higher turn out always benefits Labour. The election has proved that Labour can be serous opposition to the Conservatives without being like the Conservatives a strategy used by Tony Blair which earned Labour the nickname the red Tories. Labour and Jeremy Corbyn have proved that million pound lobby masters and blatant corporate propaganda is not always enough and sometimes you just can not buy your way in to power. In fact the use of such propaganda, the large donations given to her during her campaign by millionaires and still failing to win a majority undermines Theresa May and the Conservative Party’s leadership as much as the result does.

The BBC and Sky News are telling us this vote is about the Brexit and shows people have concerns and second thoughts as a Jeremy Corbyn voter and a Brexit supporter (though I didn’t vote either way on the EU referendum) their explanation is bullshit.

I believe the reason Theresa May had such of a bad night is deeper than that! For a start I believe it shows peoples awareness of how the media works has grown and after this election it has probably grown even more because the media were consistently disgraceful and blatantly biased. If the Conservatives are going to attack the poor and working classes that would not usually bother to vote the Conservatives are going to push them to vote and it won’t be for them. Theresa May, the Conservatives and the mainstream media resorted to the using the race card, the terror card and some of the most ridiculous creditability destroying headlines that I have ever seen Newspapers print and they have exposed themselves.

Another reason the Conservatives had bad results were their policies Internet censorship, “stepping up the war on terror,” and attacking human rights are not exactly winners with most of the general public.

It looks as if Theresa May is going to form a coalition with Democratic Unionist Party so she will probably still be Prime Minister but she definitely is not a strong and stable one. The¬†Democratic Unionist Party along with Labour, Scottish Nation Party, Liberal Democrats and other smaller party’s could now make Theresa May’s life a nightmare lets hope they do.

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